Definitions for "Gaussian"
of or pertaining to Gauss{2}; as, a Gaussian distribution.
Refers to the normal distribution; phenomena whose events are "normally" distributed are "Gaussian" distributed. This is the most common distribution encountered in physical processes.
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Software package for quantum chemical calculations that emphasizes use of Gaussian basis functions.
A popular package in the ab initio software industry is by Gaussian Inc ( 13). The name refers to the common use of gaussian functions as basis functions in quantum chemistry.
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a rounded off spike that has a shape that better fits what a real signal might look like as the signal passes through the beam of the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico
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This is a profile of how excimer energy is applied. Used primarily on flying spot lasers, more energy is applied to the center of the spot than at the outer edges.
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blur the image with a gaussian operator
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