Definitions for "Sep"
Supported Employment Program - Support provided on an ongoing and long term basis to assist individuals with psychiatric disaabilities in choosing, funding and sustaining competitive employment. The environment is usually a competitive work site with a majority of non-disabled individuals. PRPs, independent employment agaencies, and other programs generally provide this service.
(Simplified Employee Pension Plan) (SEP-IRA) - a tax-deferred retirement plan that allows employers to contribute to IRAs for themselves and for their eligible employees. Financial Planner has two types: SEP for employees tax-deferred savings plan SEP for self-employed tax-deferred savings plan
Special Enrollment Period. A period of time, triggered by specific circumstances, during which you can enroll in Medicare Part B or Part D without having to pay a premium penalty. Under Part B, your SEP begins the month after employment or group health coverage ends (whichever comes first). Under Part D, you are eligible for an SEP if you lose—through no fault of your own—any type of drug coverage that was considered “creditable.
Secretarí a de Educació n Pú blica
Secretaría de Educación Pública (Secretariat of Public Education)
an acronym for Search Engine Positioning
Also used to describe the services offered by most search engine marketing companies, Search Engine Promotion is the act of improving Web site traffic, brand awareness and rankings with search engines.
Seach Engine Placement (or Positioning/Promotion)
The standard deviation of all NIRS analysis values from the reference values for the validation samples is an important measure of the quality of the NIRS analysis. It encompasses the systematic error (bias) and random error. If no bias is present (see bias), then the SEP indicates the quality of the NIRS analysis, and otherwise of the SEP(C). with i = 1 ... samples Example: Regarding the keyword SEP Number Reference value NIRS-analysis value Difference Difference² 100 101 105 107 110 110 SEP
The SEP(C), calculated as standard deviation of all NIRS analysis values from the reference values for the validation samples, after the NIRS analysis values have been adjusted by the bias. The SEP(C) indicates the random error. It indicates the error of the NIRS analysis in the event of a bias pertaining, which is corrected. As a limit value for the SEP(C), use is made in the software of 1.2 times the SECV. This applies to calibration sets of more than 100 samples. with i = 1 ... n samples Example: Regarding the keyword SEP(C) Number Laboratory value NIRS- analysis value NIRS-analysis value corrected Difference Difference² 100 101 100 105 107 106 110 110 109 SEP(C)
Spherical Error Probable. The radius of a sphere within which there is a 50 percent probability of locating a point or being located. SEP is the three-dimensional analogue of CEP.
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earch ngine ositioning
Skills Enhancement Program
"Salmon Enhancement Program" Fisheries and Oceans Canada launched the Salmon Enhancement Program (SEP) in 1977. The program is a partnership between citizen volunteers and the federal government in carrying out salmonid enhancement and water stewardship projects throughout the Pacific Region. Today, community groups, clubs, schools and individuals operate about 300 projects involving more than 10,000 volunteers. Local communities and Native bands operate an additional 21 community-based projects. There are four types of projects: Community Economic Development Program (CEDP), Public Involvement Program (PIP), Streamkeepers, and School Projects.
System Enhancement Program
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mallpox radication rogram.
Sensory evoked potentials. The use of electrical stimuli applied to specific nerves or dermatomes to assess the normalcy of nerve responses.
Societe Europeene de Propulsion (France).
A PostScript file format created from PageMaker (TM) that can contain multiple pages as well as links in the form of OPI comments to high-resolution images, in color or in black and white.
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Sclérose En Plaques
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TIFF Bitmap Separation
Release into the Flume downstream of the Collection/Bypass Gate or into the Separator
Surrendered Enemy Personnel (UK, Malayan Emergency)
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Socio Economic Profile
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See “socioeconomic status.
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Socialist Equality Party
Special Emphasis Panel (A Scientific Review Group convened for a single meeting)
specific excess power (the power available per unit aircraft mass in excess of that required to overcome drag, and is thus available for climb or acceleration)
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Signaling Endpoint
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the month following August and preceding October
Measures function of Central Nervous System, including pathway from the extremities.
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Super Extended Play. Mostly used to indicate a video is recorded in the very lowest possible quality.
Structural Efficiency Principle.
string Only valid with -m. Replace the file separator character with string in the file names listed in the .u file.
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Service Entry Point