Definitions for "Downstream"
Down the stream; as, floating downstream.
In the oil and gas industries; refining and distribution as opposed to upstream exploration and production.... more on: Downstream
One or more companies or individuals who participate in the flow of goods and services moving from the manufacturer to the final user or consumer.
Toward the 3' end of a nucleotide sequence.
The direction which RNA polymerase moves during transcription (5' to 3') and ribosomes moves during translation. By convention, the +1 position of a gene is the first transcribed nucleotide, nucleotides downstream from the +1 position are designated +2, +3, etc. Drift evolution: A high rate of immunologically significant mutations in certain viruses. This results in drifting away from recognition by the immune system by antigenic change. Influenza virus, HIV and HCV constantly change their antigenic structure through drift evolution.
In the direction 3' of a reference point on a nucleic acid. In the direction of transcription.
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The communications from the network towards the customer premises.
Identifies DSL sync rate from the DSL equipment to the end user premises.
Refers to the transmission of data from the central office (CO or COE) to the customer premise equipment (CPE).
Describes the transfer of data to a computer from the internet. Measured in Kbps. Speeds of 512Kbps, 1Mb - 4Mb, downstream rates are currently available.
the transfer of data from outside the house to inside the house.
Data recieved by the modem from the Internet.
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Downstream is the second studio album by the San Francisco, CA based band New Monsoon. It was recorded over a period of months from February to November in 2002 and was released in early 2003.
In the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0 network hierarchy, the server that is further from the master server. For example, the master server connects downstream to a local distributor. Any remote agents connected to the local distributor are downstream from the local distributor. execNative call An optional call out to custom scripts from the XML of a plan or component.
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Downturn Draw a call
Commercial operations that occur from the pipeline that connects to the wellhead or lease site to the market hubs.
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A broadcasting term meaning closer to the point of final transmission. Indicates the system is robust enough to handle "on-air" signals with confidence
A term that refers to the relative position of two stations in a ring. A station is downstream of its neighbor if it receives the token after its neighbor receives the token.
The transfer of corporate activity from the larger parent to the smaller subsidiary.
The latter stages of processing in a computer program or system.
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In a river, where the water is going to.
Downstream in manufacturing refers to processes that occur later on in a production sequence or production line.
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The side of the filter that the air blows out of, having been filtered.
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away from the source or with the current
This term is used in describing operations performed after those at a point of reference.