Definitions for "T-3"
Keywords:  megabits, mbps, bps, bandwidth, capable
A 45 Mbit circuit made up of 28 multiplexed T-1s. This circuit might be used to carry 672 phone calls, compressed video, or lots of Internet traffic, and forms a building block of high-speed digital communications. This is the highest practical speed copper circuit that is deployed on the PSTN; faster circuits are almost always fiber optic.
A T-3 circuit enables data transmission at 45,000,000 bits per second.
T-carrier with 28 times the capacity of the T-1 carrier. The T-3 carrier can carry 44.736 Mbps (equivalent to 672 voice conversations).
A thyroid hormone. Also called triiodothyronine or liothyronine sodium.
In North America, a digital carrier for a DS3-formatted signal.
A digital channel which communicates at a significantly faster rate than T-1.
slang - Most common identification for a DS-3. See DS-3 for definition.