Definitions for "Bps"
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(Bits-Per-Second) -- A measurement of how fast data is moved from one place to another. A 28.8 modem can move 28,800 bits per second. Esteemed Clients Register Your .IN Domain Linux Hosting Starter Plan 1000 MB webspace 100 Email Accounts SSL Support PHP, Cgi, Jsp, Flash 24/7 Support Cpanel Control Panel Windows Hosting Plan 1000 MB webspace 100 Email Accounts SSL Support Asp, Cgi, Jsp, Flash 24/7 Support Helm Control Panel Reseller Hosting Plan 1 GB webspace 10 Hosted Domains Linux or Windows SSL Support Cpanel or Helm Mysql, MSsql, Access PHP, Cgi, Jsp, Asp 24/7 Support Domain Transfer :: Great value for your money with competitive rates. :: Quick, reliable and secure Domain transfer process. For only Rs.399/per year. (.com .net .org)
A measurement of data transmission speed in a communications system; the number of bits transmitted or received each second.
This is a standard measurement of digital transmission speeds.
Beca Posdoctoral Senior
Becas Posdoctorales Senior
Bureau of Partner Services ( Division of Workforce Solutions)
Biro Pusat Statistik (Central Bureau of Statistics)
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Bracket Brady bonds
Release into the PIT-Tag Diversion System between the Diversion Gate and the furthest downstream PIT-Tag Detector
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BayStack Business Policy Switch
Business Process and Systems - a section within ISD responsible for implementation of IRIS-2 and user support in system and business processes.
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British Psychological Society
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Back pressure Sensor
Business Planning & Simulation
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Budget Policy Statement
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stop having sex with this person, you may get scars.
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basis points