Definitions for "MBS"
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In asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), the number of cells a source is allowed to send at the peak cell rate. See ATM.
In the signaling message, the Burst Tolerance (BT) is conveyed through the MBS which is coded as a number of cells. The BT together with the SCR and the GCRA determine the MBS that may be transmitted at the peak rate and still be in conformance with the GCRA.
An investment instrument that represents ownership of an undivided interest in a group of mortgages. Principal and interest from the individual mortgages are used to pay principal and interest on the MBS.
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Transmission speed measured in megabits per second
Megabits per second. A rate of data transfer specifying 1,024 kilobits or 1,048,576 bits per second.
Mega bits per second - describes the speed of a connection i.e. one million bits of data per second.
Managed Bandwidth Service
Migratory Bird Sanctuary An area designated by the Canadian Wildlife Service (Environment Canada) to protect migratory shorebird, waterfowl and seabird populations on their staging and breeding grounds.
Modified barium swallow. A test used to see how the patient swallows food and liquids.
Modified Barium Swallow. an x-ray that evaluates the swallowing process
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Mortgage-Backed Security. Security backed by a pool of mortgages, such as those...
Mortgage Backed Security. A type of security backed by mortgages.
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Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw Airport located about 15 minutes from SVSU.
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Multistandard Base Station - Advanced base station in a 3G network which will support UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM calls.
Minimal basis set. Only enough basis functions are supplied to put all the electrons somewhere; the number of basis functions is equal to the number of orbitals. The most common of these is " STO-3G". Qualitative results at best.
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MACRS marital deduction
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Misys Banking Systems
Medicare Benefits Schedule: List of medical services covered by Medicare program.
Medicare Benefits Schedule. A book that lists the professional services rendered by medical professionals that have been approved for Australian Government Funding.
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Music and Ballet Schools Scheme
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Mobile Base System
Mobile Broadband System.
Manual Bypass Switch. A manually operated transfer switch used to bypass the major electronics in the UPS, so the UPS can be serviced without power interruption.
Microsoft Business Solutions
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message building system