Definitions for "banking"
Oval tracks are slanted away from the outside retaining wall to help the cars stay on the racing surface. Banking typically is several degrees more in the corners than on the straightaways.
The measurement of incline in a track’s turns and straightaways. Banking is generally described in degrees, measured from the inside of the track to the outside.
Leaning the body into the centre of the radius of the turn to maintain edging and counteract centrifugal force, as you would when riding a bicycle.
A maximum limit of 2.5% of a country's assigned amount (target) has been set for banking credits for future use in the next commitment period, for both Emission Reduction Units from Joint Implementation projects and Certified Emission Reductions from Clean Development Mechanism projects. Assigned Amount Units from emissions trading can be carried forward without restriction, whereas Removal Units assigned to removal of CO2 by sinks cannot be banked at all.
a provision in District permit regulations that allows a facility to obtain credits for reducing emissions beyond regulatory limits and use those credits at a later date, similar to how a savings account works
Depositing a week of timeshare into an exchange company's "bank." If an owner does not use a week in a particular year, they are generally allowed to bank it and use it at a later time. See also: accrued weeks and space banking.
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When a dog pushes off (banks) the top of a wall, viaduct, or wishing well jump or the inside of the tire with his back feet. Not faulted in the performance of the tire; faulted in the performance of the viaduct, wall, or wishing well jump.
Data acquisition Kitty litter Scrubbed tires
The process of storing unconfigured software products.
store your horde - never grub for pennies again
Term used to describe a locomotive attached to the rear of a train to assist it over an incline.
assisting the working of a train, usually when ascending a gradient, by attaching additional locomotives to the rear.
A considerable volume of international banking takes place offshore and many of the world’s major banks have banking and trust company operations in one or more tax havens. Most tax haven jurisdictions have enacted legislative provisions and set up administrative authorities whose function it is to control banking and trust company activities.
In tea tasting the retention on the drained leaves of considerable liquor which may only be squeezed out.
Deliberately underscoring points for a move, with the intention of cashing in those points in a recount after a close finish.
To remove chips from the table while still playing by cashing them in or putting them in your pocket. Most players consider this very poor etiquette and in table stakes is most often prohibited.
transacting business with a bank; depositing or withdrawing funds or requesting a loan etc.
A bank is an institution that provides financial service, particularly taking deposits and extending credit.
Financial transactions carried out with a bank eg deposit, withdrawal.
A method of disposing of cut material against the opposite (cold) side of the fireline.
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a service DDC offers for clients who want to have a sample of their DNA stored in a secure, environmentally controlled facility
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Rules of Procedures, leaflets
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engaging in the business of banking; maintaining savings and checking accounts and issuing loans and credit etc.
The purchasing of lower cost weapons in order to save money for a high cost weapon. (For additional information, see "Banking" Gold/Weapons.)
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When applied to the lever escapement, it is that part on which the lever rests or "banks".
In general terms, the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money...
The business of a bank or of a banker.
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a service provided through this clinic
The process of trading and investing of negotiable instruments.