Definitions for "investing"
In general terms, investment refers to the use of money in the hope of making...
the act or process of expending resources, especially money, to achieve rewards.
The process of purchasing assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and mutual funds with the expectation of future income and/or capital gains (growth in value).
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A decision to forgo benefits today in an effort to increase future wealth or satisfaction over time. Investing is most often associated with purchasing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and other financial instruments or ventures. (See also Investment, economic; Investment, financial; Investment, personal.) View LEI Lesson(s) that address this term
This is the activity that many people say they do but few understand. It involves studying the likely stream of income from an investment, anticipating its growth or decline, and adjusting for risk. Most of todayâ€(tm)s investors wouldnâ€(tm)t know a balance sheet if it bit them on the derriere—which, we predict, it will.
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a smart move
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a site where you can learn about a self-directed IRA and set up a new account