Definitions for "Partners"
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a Houston-based HR and Administrative Services company that manages human resources, benefits, payroll, accounting and risk management for growing businesses
a Houston-based professional employer organization (PEO) specializing in the areas of human resources, benefits, payroll and risk management
Partners is a gay-themed buddy comedy from 1982. It stars Ryan O'Neal and John Hurt as a mismatched pair of cops. After a series of murders in the Los Angeles gay community, heterosexual police sergeant Benson (O'Neal) is assigned to the case.
Partners is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
Partners was a television comedy series about a pair of young architects, Bob (Jon Cryer) and Owen (Tate Donovan), and Owen's fiancee Alicia (Maria Pitillo). Much of the show's humor derived from Bob's lack of success with women and his competition with Alicia for Owen's attention. Partners aired for one season (1995-1996) in the United States on Fox.
a global venture capital firm which operates in the US, Israel, United Kingdom and Japan
a leading international corporate real estate advisory firm that specializes in tenant representation
a leading regional, national and international corporate real estate advisory firm specializing in tenant representation, corporate portfolio services and project management
Partners is a 1979 album recorded by Scherrie & Susaye for Motown Records. Following the demise of The Supremes in 1977, former group members Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene recorded this album together on the Motown label. Both singers share songwriting duties as well as reciving associate producer credit for the album.
individuals, organizations and MCPS offices who work together to accomplish the work of revising and maintaining the curriculum
Brothers and colleagues* in the mission.
Any outside agency that works with ABS to accomplish the broadcast mission. (examples: DINFOS, AFRTS, Naval Media Center, Air Force News Service)
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Collusion cheaters.
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a group of members within the Rice Design alliance whose purpose is to develop an active group of members who will be the leaders of tomorrow
a program that links student leaders to the PCA's and the Richmond Quest in order to hold programs rooted in academics, but geared for a more casual, out-of-class environment
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a very smart west coast hedge fund who helped in the debtor financing with Mellon
Based in Crewe, Cheshire, England, "Partners the Stationers" employs approximately 1000 people at 83 shops, mostly in the North West and Midlands. The company was founded in Leek in 1976.
All agencies and organizations that engage in joint decision making with federal agencies in planning and conducting fire management projects and activities.
Partners are representatives of local organisations that have a policy development as well as a delivery role. Partners should be involved in all stages of the accessibility planning process and actively involved in the accessibility assessment relevant for their sector / interests. Examples of partners that are likely to have a role in accessibility planning include Local Education Authorities, Primary Care Trusts and local planning authorities.
Other natural resource agencies and organizations in Virginia that have a vested interest in the ecological health of the state and/or maintain large holdings of land.
The individuals and/or organisations that collaborate to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives (DAC). PEFA Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability. Internationally agreed methodology for the assessment of recipient country public expenditure and financial accountability systems.
The individuals and/or organizations that collaborate to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives. Source: OECD Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management
Erectile dysfunction has a profound effect on any woman whose partner is affected. However, the couples have been dealing with the problem in private, experts believe treatment for ED is more successful with partner involvement and support. Women can play a major role in encouraging their partner to seek medical advice and treatment and in ensuring that sexual problems do not become a barrier in the relationship. In the majority of instances, once a man has sought medical treatment, a healthy sexual relationship can be resumed.
Persons or entities in the community form a relationship and work together to achieve improved results for children and families in five areas: healthy children, school readiness, school success, stable families, and self-sufficient families. Community partners include area business and educational leaders, local elected officials, faith-based and civic organizations, public and private service providers, families, and other concerned citizens.
Persons or entities which form a relationship to achieve the Core Results.
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a placid place
a Delaware limited liability company, the principal business of which is to serve as the General Partner to ValueAct Master Fund and ValueAct Co-Investors
Individuals in a legal relationship for the purpose of conducting a business enterprise. See also, Partnership. Partnership: A partnership is one of two categories: general and limited. A general partnership is an association of at least two or more persons who co-own a business. Partnerships are formed when two or more persons agree to share ownership, management, profits, and liabilities of a business venture. A limited partnership is a partnership where only general partners may run the business, while limited partners cannot perform any management functions. However, limited partners may contribute capital, share in the profits, and are limited from liability. All limited partnerships must have at least one general partner, who remains personally liable for all debts and liabilities of the partnership, and any number of limited partners.
companies that work with BlackSpider either to sell the MailControl suite to their own customers or to provide additional technology resources to BlackSpider customers.
Strengthening boards to help support something set through an opening in the deck, such as the mast or bitt
an independent test lab with vast experience in Software Quality Assurance
a program with the goal of attracting independent developers and bringing innovative games to market
a promotional advertising company that specializes in marketing for the sports and entertainment industries
a more permanent solution that will greatly enhance their drug saving power at a low cost
a provider of IT Solutions for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes
a concrete North American plan for promoting clean production and pollution prevention, rather than simply an expansion of hazardous waste treatment facilities
a key part of this design --but as a part, it must be understood in the context of the overall strategy
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two players who sit across from one another and act as a team against the other two players
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Detailed description