Definitions for "DAC"
An electronic device that converts digital signals into analog signals. You can find DACs in a variety of devices, including sound cards. The DAC would...
1. In narrow sense: A device (usually, a micro-chip) which transforms a signal from digital form to analog form. This is done by conversion of binary codes into analog signal values and holding these signal values during sampling interval.
Digital Analogue Converter. An electronic component for converting digital information into an analogue signal. An Analog to Digital converter (ADC) performs the reverse operation.
Discretionary Access Control. Check the validity of credentials given at the discretion of the user (e.g., username and password).
Downhill Assist Control. Driver-operated, DAC slows the vehicle on slippery slopes to help regain control and prevent vehicle run-away . It uses individual wheel-direction sensors to maintain slower controlled speeds, weather going forwards or backwards . It can be activated when the gear is in neutral.
discretionary access control. Restricts access to objects based on identity and/or group membership. The controls are discretionary in the sense that a user with a certain access permission (for example, an object owner) is capable of passing access permission on to any other user, such as with the grant command.
Dual-Attached Concentrator.
DERIVED AIR CONCENTRATION. The concentration (Bq/m3) of a radionuclide in air that if breathed by Reference Man for a working year (2000 hours) under light activity conditions would result in the annual limit on intake (ALI) by inhalation.
Derived Air Concentration. the concentration of a given radionuclide in air which, if breathed by the reference man for a working year of 2,000 hours under conditions of light work (inhalation rate 1.2 cubic meters of air per hour), results in an intake of one ALI.
Development Assistance Committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
See district assessment coordinator.
district assessment coordinator. Person at school district office who is the liaison to the state department of education for assessment and accountability.
May indicate advanced training in acupuncture. Also used as a licensure title in some states instead of Licensed Acupuncturist.
Dubai Academic City
Doctor of Acupuncture (academic)
Deferred Acquisition Costs. Commissions and other selling expenses that vary with, and are directly related to, the production of business by an insurer. These acquisition costs are deferred and amortized to achieve a matching of revenues and expenses when reported in financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
Deferred policy Acquisition Costs
Data Acquisition Card. One of the numerous cards found in a diagnostic imaging system. It is responsible for processing data (filtering) in the front end of the system.
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Diallyl chlorendate
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Douglas Aircraft Corporaton
Distance Amplitude Correction. Compensation of gain as a function of time for difference in amplitude of reflections from equal reflectors at different sound travel distances. Refers also to compensation by electronic means such as swept gain, time corrected gain, time variable gain and sensitivity time control.(Course Material/Ultrasonics/CalibrationMeth/corrections.htm)
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Daughters of American Colonists
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Quantizer scale
Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
Department of the Army Civilian
Department of AIDS Control
Diamond Anvil Cell An apparatus for high pressure generation using diamond
D u m b o Arts Center
Disaster Application Center.
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Disabled Adult Child. See: SSI
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Data Assembly Centre