Definitions for "SSI"
Supplemental Security Income. A federal cash payment program which provides monthly payments to poor persons who are aged, blind, or disabled.
Monthly benefits for people with low incomes and assets who are older than 65, blind, or have a disability.
upplemental ecurity ncome: Cash payment, along with health and other benefits for individuals meeting both disability and income/assets guidelines. Operated by the Social Security administration though separate from regular Social Security; primarily federal funds with some state contribution. Also funds the SSI-Disabled Children's Program for eligible children on a youngest-first basis providing coordination of health and related services.
Server Side Include - A method available on some Web servers which permits the author to allow scripts to insert portions of text or HTML transparently each time a page with embedded SSI directives is retrieved by a visitor. Multiple SSI directives may appear in a single document. This is somewhat similar to CGI, except that SSIs are called whenever an HTML page (usually with a ".shtml", ".shtm" or ".stm" file extension) is called and inserted into the existing document whereas CGI scripts and applications must generate the entire document and only one script may be called. SSI directives can be used to add dynamic content to an otherwise static Web page.
Server Side Includes. A technique that makes it much easier to maintain boilerplate text that appears in many different web pages.
Server Side Include. An HTML command used to place data into a Web page before sending it to the user.
Refers to the number of logic gates in a device. By one convention, small-scale integration represents a device containing 1 to 12 gates.
Small-Scale Industry Unit is an industrial undertaking with an investment of less than Rs.10 million ( $0.2 million) in plant and machinery and annual turnover of Rs. 10 million to Rs. 100 million
Short for "Small-Scale Integration." It is the method for concentrating up to ten semiconductor devices in an integrated circuit.
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Scuba Schools International. In 1999 SSI merged with the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools. Search for more information...
Scuba Schools International. Certification agency based in Colorado. Merged with NASDS in 1999.
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Sponsored Sales Intermediary. An Airline sponsored Non-IATA Sales Intermediary participating in the Billing and Settlement Plans in the following countries: Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
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Service Set Identifier. A Service Set Identifier (SSID) is a sequence of characters that uniquely names a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This name allows stations to connect to the desired network when multiple independent networks operate in the same physical area. Each set of wireless devices communicating directly with each other is called a Basic Service Set (BSS). Several BSSs can be joined together to form one logical WLAN segment, referred to as an Extended Service Set (ESS). A Service Set Identifer (SSID) is simply the 1-32 byte alphanumeric name given to each ESS.
A Service Set Identifier is a sequence of characters unique to a specific network or network segment that's used by the network and all attached devices to identify themselves and allow devices to connect to the correct network when more than one independent network is operating in nearby areas.
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This refers to chips containing tens of transistors. Today, that's a very simple chip. See also VLSI, LSI, and MSI.
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A manufacturer's code for single chamber inhibited pacing. Pacing and sensing occur in either atrium or ventricle with inhibited response. Once connected to a pacing lead, the mode is stated AAI (if the lead is in the atrium) or VVI (if the lead is in the ventricle).
Scottish Statutory Instrument sui generis‘of its own class’, referring to the distinctive nature of property rights such as plant variety rights
Synchronous-serial Interface; standardised interface for serial data transfer.
(Machine Safety) Abbreviation for Safety Stop Interface. An interface which provides the means to integrate external devices to effect a stop command. It consists of two input channels (A&B), which are compatible with devices that have two normally open hard contacts or relay outputs.
Synchronous-serial Interface; standardized interface for serial data transfer
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Single system image. A generic term used to describe an interface by which one system can provide access and use of multiple other systems. The IBM CICSPlex product provides SSI support, where an operator has the image of one system, but in reality there may be multiple CICS systems involved.
Shear Stability Index. The measure of a viscosity modifier's contribution to an oil's percentage kinematic viscosity loss, when the oil is subjected to engine operation or special test conditions.
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Self-service Issue Machines are located at various sites. Using your library card you can borrow books without needing to queue at the issue desk. Telnet A program which allows users to remotely use computers across networks or across the Internet.
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Solid-State Imaging (camera)
Solid State Ignition
Spectral Sampling Interval
special sampling investigation
Compares racing ability of members of each crop, separated by sex (due to the lifetime earnings expectancy for males versus females). 1.00 equals the average per start for members of that crop.
Slower Speeds Initiative Body campaigning for lower traffic speeds
Standard Service Invoice. Document used to pay individuals for services rendered under $5000 in a lump sum and less than 6 months to complete the work. (Also see independent contractors)
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Summer Science Institute
Acronym for Sales Satisfaction Index.
Installer/GD Software Setup Information
surgical site infection. An infection at the site of an operation (usually an incision) that is caused by the operation.
Secondary subject inspection
National Institute Of Radiation Protection.