Definitions for "MSI"
multispectral imagery
Multispectral Imaging
MultiSpectral Imager (the main camera). One of the instruments on NEAR.
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Refers to the number of logic gates in a device. By one convention, medium-scale integration represents a device containing 13 to 99 gates.
Medium scale integration (i.e. the larger ttl devices).
Medium Scale Integration. 20-100+ equivalent gates on a chip.
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a code initially developed by the Plessey Company and later modified by MSI Data Corporation that encodes two to thirty numbers (numeric only). Each bit of information is represented by a bar and a space pair with a modulus 10 checksum preceding it, which can be used to determine if an additional modulus 10 or 11 checksum will be added before final checksum. The character set consists of 10 numbers and 6 additional characters.
Multi Stakeholder Initiative (ex FWF, FLA, SAI, WRC, ETI)
See Mobile Station Identitfier.
Mobile waiting Set Indication
Modular Station Interface. A PEB-based Dialogic expansion board that interfaces PEB time slots to analog station devices by way of modular daughterboards.
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Media Sport Investments
Media Sports Investment
Media Sports Investments
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Movimento Sociale Italiano
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Information supplied by shore-based information providers and forwarded to an Inmarsat C LES for broadcasting over the Inmarsat C system to MESs fitted with an EGC receive capability.
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Message Signaled Interrupts. A PCI mode where the interrupt numbers are extended from 8 bits to 32. These also use the normal pci data lanes not some magic all over the chipset; which means that a device can basically have as many interrupts as it wants rather than 4 (1 in practice) for legacy PCI interrupts, and there are also no interrupt sharing issues, since there are just so many numbers for interrupts... For more, see
A thousand square inches of material.
Abbreviation for a thousand square inches, a common unit for pricing laminated films.
1000 square inches.
a Mesocyclone Strength Index algorithm that gauges the intensity and overall organization of a radar-identified Mesocyclone(normally 0-6000, 6000 being more intense). Along with the Meso Rank factor(normally 1-15, 15 being more intense), these two indexes give us a good idea how threatening the rotating thunderstorm might be.
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Milan Stock Exchange
Marine Safety Information
Maritime Safety Information
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Microsoft Solution for Intranet
Maintenance Staff Instruction
Minority Serving Institutions
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Windows Installer File