Definitions for "Minority"
The smaller number; -- opposed to majority; as, the minority must be ruled by the majority.
Those members of a legislature that belong to the political party which is in the minority in that institution; as, the bill will pass even if the minority are strongly opposed.
The minority in the Legislature is the major political party out of power. Democrats are in the minority in the Iowa House and Senate, thus they are led by the minority leader of each unit. It has nothing to do with race.
The party that does not have the most members in the House or Senate.
the party, that has the fewest members elected in either the House or Senate.
A group who is outnumbered. For example, in an election, the party that gets fewer votes than the others is the minority party.
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The state of being a minor, or under age.
Period when an individual was under age ( i.e. less than 21) and therefore could not possess or control his or her inheritance. A royal minority occurred when the king was succeeded by an heir (usually) under 21. For example, in 1216 King John was succeeded by Henry III, who was only 9 years old. During a minority, the heir and his or her estates were normally under the control of an appointed guardian.
any age prior to the legal age
being or relating to the smaller in number of two parts; "when the vote was taken they were in the minority"; "he held a minority position"
The smaller number or part of something. | Much to the surprise of many city residents, only a minority of citizens supported the new highway proposal. [ Lesson 1
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"Minority" was the first single from Green Day's album, . "Minority" rose into the charts faster than any of Green Day's other singles.
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State of being less or small.
Means less than half.