Definitions for "assimilation"
The act or process of assimilating or bringing to a resemblance, likeness, or identity; also, the state of being so assimilated; as, the assimilation of one sound to another.
Process by which the phonetic features of one phoneme influence or are spread to a neighboring phoneme; assimilation results in phonemes becoming similar.
Compare this to allophones : again, it 's a question of how phonemes interact when placed close to each other. The words "Good morning headmaster" are likely to come out as 'Goob morning heabmaster' because of the way /d/ and /m/, and /g/ and /m/, influence each other.
First stage in the adaptation of schema, assimilation allows a child to make a general interpretation of its world. In the 'bus' example (see Organisation), once the bus schema is formed the toddler for a while calls similar vehicles buses. On being contradicted by his/her mum, and also on the basis of experience in coming across more and more types of vehicle, he/she realises that a lorry etc. isn't a bus. They begin to be more stimuli specific and use the bus schema only in relation to buses. This is accommodation, or the second stage in the adaptation of schema.
The process through which a new experience is placed into an existing schema. go to glossary index
In Piaget's terminology, incorporation of new information into an existing cognitive structure.
When a new issue of a stock or a bond is fully absorbed by the public the issue...
The conversion of nutriment into the fluid or solid substance of the body, by the processes of digestion and absorption, whether in plants or animals.
The process of absorbing a minority group into a dominant group as they adapt and establish greater uniformity.
The process by which hot magma incorporates or dissolves the surrounding solid country rock.
The process of magma contamination in which blocks of wall rock fall into a magma chamber and dissolve.
the incorporation of food into living tissue
A 19th century idea that Indigenous people should be 'improved' by being 'civilised' and becoming Christians and learning how to work as Europeans did. From the 1930s assimilation became government policy.
A 19th century idea that Indigenous people should be 'improved' by being integrated into the white society and way of life. Its more extreme advocates hoped to eventually "breed out" Aboriginality or colour. From the 1930s assimilation became Government Policy.
the state of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national family
Recruiting people, their superstitions, and their oppressors to the task of promoting Religion. (See Leap of Faith, Blood Sacrifice, Constantine, Lazarus)
actualization of a seme by presumption of isotopy.
A perceptual phenomenon in which the color of an area is perceived as closer to the color of the surround than it would if viewed in isolation. Assimilation occurs with stimuli with fine spatial structure, e.g. a thin stripe of color between two black bars will look darker than it would between two white bars. Also known as the Von Bezold spreading effect.
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See Acculturation
Assimilation (from similis, lat. = similar), in biology, designates the process of the transformation of external substances and materials into substances and materials internal to the body.
The symmetry propert possessed in varying degrees by a typeface that creates mirror relationships and other similarities of form between letters.
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At this point, anti-virus developers modify their software so that it can detect the new virus. This can take anywhere from one day to six months, depending on the developer and the virus type.(see Eradication)
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adequacy of coverage all-risks coverage
where one Proppian function assumes some of the character of another one - encoded through the use of a secondary attribute value
The ability of a body of water to purify itself of pollutants.
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The placing of an individual on a particular point of the pay spine.
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Conversion into living tissue.
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See data assimilation.