Definitions for "Anywhere"
Anywhere is the second album from New Musik released on March 6 1981. A digitally remastered version called Anywhere... Plus was released in 2000.
Anywhere was a 2002 single by English songwriter Beth Orton. It was released both as a CD, and as a DVD (the only Beth Orton release to appear on DVD format) and peaked at #55 in the UK charts. The song appears on the album Daybreaker.
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hole punch: Remember those office supply hole punches? Where you could only punch a hole in one size and it had to be around the border of your page? Those days are over my friend! The anywhere punch is just that - punch a hole anywhere on your page! The Making Memories Instant Setter can punch holes in three different sizes, and also comes with eyelet setting tips. It uses spring-loaded tension to allow you to place it anywhere on your page.
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In any place.