Definitions for "MBA"
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ultiple eam ntenna
a master's degree in business
A degree awarded after successfully completing a practical course of training and updating of business skills. Students must show that they have a good education after school and a few years relevant work experience before being accepted for an MBA. It is not necessary to hold a first degree to apply for an MBA course although it is normal to have one.
Master Builders Australia
initials for M. Bryce & Associates
Mortgage Bankers Association. An organization composed of mortgage banking companies or other institutions that perform mortgage banking services. The MBA was originally formed as a trade association in 1914 and was known as the Farm Mortgage Bankers Association.
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University of Illinois
Maximum Benefits Available. The total amount of benefits available to a claimant in any benefit year. The amount is determined by the base period annual earnings and is computed each benefit year.
Maximum Benefit Amount. The maximum amount of benefits you can potentially collect during your benefit year. It is based on the wages you earned in your base period.
Maximum Benefit Amount. The maximum amount of benefits which a person may receive during a benefit year.
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main battle area.
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Minimum Base Allocation
Material Balance Area. A term used in nuclear materials accountancy.