Definitions for "LLB"
Refers to Bachelor of Laws, the term used throughout much of the English-speaking world (though not the United States, where the term Juris Doctor is broadly used) to refer to the academic degree leading to professional practice in law. The LL.B is most often a three-year degree pursued after the completion of an undergraduate / bachelor’s degree. Possession of an LL.B. or J.D. degree is a requirement for candidacy for the bar association or law society, and often for participation in an LL.M. program.
Master of Law
Letters written after someone's name, showing that he or she has the degree of Bachelor of Laws.
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See Local Location Broker.
Local Location Broker. (1.) Part of the NCS Location Broker. A server that maintains information about objects on the local host. The LLB also provides the Location Broker forwarding facility. (2.) A service that provides an interface to the global location broker from the License Use Management server. The LLB daemon ( llbd) has no information about network-wide services. It runs continuously in the background to intercept and forward information to the glbd. See also Location Broker.
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Long leg braces
Line Loop Back. For testing transmission lines, where the receive pair of a circuit is connected back into the transmitter; if it receives its own signal without errors, then the line is fine.