Definitions for "program"
The instructions that tell your computer what to do and how to operate.
A series of planned steps toward an objective.
a set of instructions or statements for a computer.
The stated policy or course of action followed by an individual or institution regarding its financial matters.
Set of required courses for a degree in a major area of study.
A coherent series of courses, usually leading to a credential such as a certificate or degree.
a coordinated group of activities linked by common elements such as recruitment, selection and training of participants and staff; regular group activities and assignments to projects organized for achieving the mission; and goals of national and community service.
A set of activities undertaken in accordance with a plan of action organized to realize identifiable goals and objectives based on legislative authorization. Under PB2 , agencies are defining programs at a higher level than the state has traditionally viewed programs, as they are combining agency functions with like missions under one program.
The term is normally used to describe an account set up by an Affiliate to sell the product or products of an individual Merchant. If the commission rate is the same across the range of that Merchant's products then they would all be included within a single program. If however the commission differed for each product within that Merchant's range a separate program for each product is required.
A student applies to and is admitted to a program from which they ultimately graduate (e.g., Certificate in Accounting – Finance).
the award in which a student is enrolled eg. Bachelor of Business
This is equivalent to the college in which the student is enrolled. Arts and Sciences Business College of Environment Life Sciences etc...
A contiguous block of observations aimed at the fulfillment of the project. (Also called Observing Session.)
none Sometimes Required. Used to track revenue, expenditures, and balances for programs within each campus or across the System. Used to identify reserves, endowments, loans and other sources of funds that need to be tracked across multiple departments or projects.
A written statement setting forth design objectives, constraints, and criteria for a project, including special requirements and systems, and site requirements. The program is usually prepared by the architect with input from the owner regarding the goals, needs and function of the project, design expectations, available budget, and pertinent building code and zoning regulations.
A PeopleSoft chartfield that tracks Formal (named) and informal activities.
Grouping of various activities or strategies employed to manage a particular function or hazard.
ChartField segment which is used, on an optional basis, to identify multidisciplinary activities, or any other special initiatives or activities, which do not have specific start and end dates.
A program is the set of activities being evaluated. These activities have goals and are evaluated in terms of these goals. In the library setting theses activities might be services to patrons, an information literacy curriculum, or a web page. All programs have inputs, outputs, outcomes, and stakeholders.
The designation of the student's curriculum.
See curriculum.
1) A description of the event. 2) The printed material given to audience members as they enter the performance space which describes the event, lists the performers and production staff and sometimes contains advertisements.
Booklet or card designating race times, odds and past performances of different animals.
A printed guide to the day's races, including details such as the specifications and grades of individual races, post positions, past performances, charts, handicapper's selections, overnight entries, track records and other racing statistics.
A sequence of expressions composed of function calls.
is a planned sequence of courses and experiences for preparing P-12 teachers and other professional school personnel.
any coherent sequence of courses and/or learning experiences within a department, or other administrative unit recognized by its institution, that has as its core the application of sociological knowledge, methods, and skills in a practice setting.
The term many studios and videographers use to describe different wedding videography services they offer. In Wedding Photography, this is often referred to as a “Package.
A handout handed out to guests at the Wedding Ceremony listing the wedding participants, i.e. wedding party, musicians, soloist and clergy. May also include notation of sponsors and/or thank you notations to specific parties.
A major endeavor authorized and funded to achieve a significant purpose, defined in terms of the principal actions/activities required. It may cross organizational lines.
Composites of activities that together result in a specific product or achievement that emphasizes the satisfaction of a public need rather than the maintenance of organizational continuity. Programs represent purpose-oriented goals. They are the prime budget items represented in the Department's budget.
Any of the major activities of an agency expressed as a primary function or organizational unit. Agencies may not alter their program structure without the explicit approval of the legislature and the Office of Financial Management.
The literary context of a descriptive ("programmatic") piece, especially in the 19th century. Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique (GP 83 ) had the first printed program; such composers as Liszt, Richard Strauss, and Mahler used the device to explain new music to audiences (though later sometimes thought the better of it). By extension we consider such "story" works as Beethoven's Sixth Symphony ("Pastoral"), Mendelssohn's overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Schumann's Carnaval (CD 2) to be programatic. Sometimes the term "program music" is also used.
circus souvenir booklet filled with pictures, feature stories, and a listing of the order of acts in the show
instrumental music inspired by or depicting a story
A narrower, more targeted focus on a specific aspect of the general objective addressed by an agency's program series. There are various numbers of programs grouped under each agency program series.
1) When referring to a program within an organization or unit, program refers to a part of the organization or unit which is responsible for specific CE/T, i.e., the Distance Learning Program within the XYZ Training Directorate. 2) Program is viewed as an umbrella term covering a series of learning events or activities. (See learning event or activity.)
A file that contains a series of commands. Also known to Unix users as a binary.
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to write code. Will it program?-- will it work? Marianna Quente-- the founder of Revisionism.
Trad. Common Lisp code.
A static file of machine code on a disk.
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(1) verb, to assign funds to a project that has been approved by MTC, the state or another agency and (2) noun, a system of funding for implementing transportation projects or policies, such as through the State Transportation Improvement Program. (Also see “ STIP.”)
Verb: To create a synthesizer patch. Noun: A patch. See patch, preset.
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Same as fued, that includes matches, interviews and angles.
Same as feud, that includes matches, interviews and angles.
In VisualAge for Java, a term that refers to both Java applets and applications.
The Windows OS term for an application (see definition above).
Application. All of the files that go together to make something happen. Word is a collection of files that work together to help in the production of a formatted text document. Most of a program's files reside in that program's own folder. Some, however, reside in the Windows System folder, and sometimes also, as in the case of Microsoft programs, in the Microsoft Shared folder. This is purportedly so that several programs may refer to or use these files, thus cutting out duplication. In fact, though, this may well be intended as a means of making it exceedingly difficult for one user to copy all of the files belonging to a particular program and pass them to another user. An unfortunate side effect of this arrangement is that important files are occasionally overwritten by older files with the same name. This can happen when an older program is installed. For this reason it is wise to back up Windows before installing unknown programs. ALPHABET
the order of events, including starting times and intermissions, sequentially listed by class of competition, sex, age group, distance and stroke as set forth in the meet announcement. Programs frequently contain other information such as time standards, records and advertisements.
To use your dial pad to assign a phone number to a personal list item for Abbreviated Dialing.
DIRECTV programming is divided into discrete programs which can be selected by channel and which are listed as separate items in the program guide. Each program has a title and a start and end time. Most programming has a rating, a category, and a description.
A gathering of premies at which Maharaji speaks, or at which a video of him speaking is shown. (Formerly known as a festival.)
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(See "Combi")
the watering plan or schedule.
the watering schedule of an automatic sprinkler.
A foldover invitation used for printing a schedule of events.
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A list of specific features, activities, or other attributes you want your garden to have.
An activity that the Canada Council funds. Applicants request financial assistance from specific programs within their discipline. Each program has particular objectives, eligibility and assessment criteria, award values, application deadline dates, and application submission requirements.
An ordered list of events to take place or procedures to be followed for a specific project
Collection of predicates.
A part of an organization with definable and unique functions, goals, or objectives. Two examples are the residential refuse collection program within the Department of Environmental Services and the Madison Adult Day Health Care Center within the Department of Human Services.
Collection of commands for manipulating data. See template.
The vehicle to take a plan to the channel, a program is a contractual relationship between a vendor and the channel. Designed to reduce the costs of channel administration, a program is a collection of support, training and benefits available to qualified members. Programs are frequently tiered to support account coverage across broad, tele-managed and managed accounts. The best programs are based on provider business models, not vendor product lines.
In Banner, the 4-digit number that identifies the function being supported by the transaction. Based on the NACUBO expense purposes.
In MPORT, Programs are made up of actions. Programs are offered to affiliates for them to run on their websites. See also: Actions.
The Child Care Support Program ( CCSP) administered by the department.
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See checkers program.
A concatenation of one or more events under the control of a broadcaster e.g. news show, entertainment show.
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selects the RCX program. The RCX can have 5 different programs stored in its memory. The programs are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
A predetermined response pattern deliberately established in a person's mind to occur automatically when triggered by a specific stimulus.
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A flea treatment for cats available in both an oral and an injectable form
in special education, the specially designed service and/ or therapy a child receives.
in special education, a service, placement, and/or therapy designed to help a child with special needs.
A legitimate program that does not replicate, and does exactly what it claims, yet might be unauthorized or unwanted by reasonable end-users or administrators.
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i.e. Campaign.
synonymous with software.
See Software.
(1) An aggregation of software components that, when integrated with hardware, operates as a unit. (2) A directed, funded effort to acquire, develop, or maintain a product(s).
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Information the user enters into the controller’s memory that determines when the system will water. A program contains three pieces of information: what days to water, what time to start watering, and how long each zone will water.
The information entered into a controller (timer) that determines when the system will water. A program for an automatic controller (timer) contains 3 pieces of information; what days to water, what time to start and how long to water each zone.
A description of a whole penis enlargement workout.
means the Metropolitan Broadband Connect program.
Programs are developed to ensure the Companies meet the objectives and targets as outlined in the Environmental Management System (EMS).
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see Routine.
Statements of positions maintained by the membership on governmental issues and issues under study by the membership.
An organization involved in the training of assistance dogs.
Refers to the  Regional Partnerships program.
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A program is an approved combination of topics.
One or more streams that Windows Media server components manage as a single entity. The program can be thought of as a container holding streams.
an ad buy, generally a certain number of impressions delivered in a specified period of time.
a planned group of classes, both elective and required.
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See Board and Committees.
An organization with a number of component parts. It may be part of a larger host organization, or independent. It may or may not have its own governance structure.
The term "Program" refers to any loan made under a University of California Home Loan Program.
An organized effort of services and/or supports.
The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.
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Initiates and ends the programming of features.
Same as Programme.