Definitions for "Effectiveness"
The extent to which a therapy produces a benefit in a defined population in uncontrolled or routine circumstances.
Effectiveness studies test the 'real world' impact of interventions that have been shown to be efficacious under controlled conditions. These studies are imperative to determine the generalisability of controlled studies in the real world, because interventions conducted under highly controlled conditions may not translate well into the uncontrolled environment that is the real world.
The power of a ballot to influence the election outcome.
The measure of energy recovery effectiveness not adjusted to account for that portion of the psychrometric change in the leaving supply air that is the result of leakage of entering exhaust air rather than the exchange of heat or moisture between the airstreams. (source: ARI-1060)
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Having an intended or expected effect. In reference to finishing systems effectiveness refers to that systemÂ's ability to satisfy the needs of its user.
The degree to which something produces an intended or expected effect.
Having an intended or expected effect. Comment: Communication is effective if the information needs of each interactant are satisfied, for example. We do not use the terms effectiveness and efficiency as synonymous, but as complementary.
Meeting agreed-upon requirements for supplier inputs and customer outputs. Efficiency Minimizing time and/or other resources spent on activities which do not add value.
Effectiveness, or Cost Effectiveness, is one of the measures needed to determine value for money. It concerns the cost of the outputs from an activity and the conformance of those output to a specification or need. Typical measures will include money, time, people and quality. Any investment that increases the cost of providing IT services should result in an enhancement to the service quality or quantity. If this is not so then the business case must be quite clear about why the Change is neccessary. See also Economy, Efficiency, Value for Money.
an attribute of those schools, teachers, programs, and approaches that meet their stakeholders' needs. See Efficiency, Stakeholders.
The measure of how well something does what it’s supposed to do for a certain group of people under normal conditions.
How well a Treatment works.
A measure of the favorable effect of implementing one or more Risk Management actions. F _ Functional Offices: Headquarters Functional Offices include the Offices of the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Scientist as well as Headquarters Operations, Equal Opportunity Programs, Human Resources and Education, General Counsel, Procurement, External Relations, Management Systems, Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, Safety and Mission Assurance, and Security Management and Safeguards (source - NPR 1000.2).
The level to which an activity or product is able to satisfy perceived requirements, which compares benefits derived to costs incurred.
Institute of Medicine category that calls for providing services based on scientific knowledge to all who could benefit and refraining from providing services to those not likely to benefit.
Benefit for a given medical problem under average conditions of use.
capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects; "the toxin's potency"; "the strength of the drinks"
Effectiveness means the capability of producing an effect.
adequacy of an instructional system in accomplishing a particular result; the degree to which an action produces a typical effect.
The degree to which a system's features and capabilities meet the user's needs.
a fundamental issue that has been on the national agenda since the agency was founded
Doing the right things' understanding what, at a strategic, tactical and operational level, should be done to optimise resource use.
Environmental Uncertainty Exemption Method
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The ability of nodules once formed to actively fix nitrogen .
An effective graph presents all information clearly in view of visualization aims. [MAC86
The speed, accuracy and completeness with which users can perform particular tasks in particular circumstances.
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The quality of being effective.
power to be effective; the quality of being able to bring about an effect
the quality of the information system response to the information need.
Those attributes of a system that provide for minimum utilization of resources (i.e. processing time, storage, operator time) in performing functions.
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How good something is; does it do what it should