Definitions for "goal"
Objective or target, usually driven by specific future financial needs. Some...
The final purpose or aim; the end to which a design tends, or which a person aims to reach or attain.
A statement of the purpose of an endeavor and a description of the desired end result; usually more idealistic than an objective, which is attainable by concrete, practical means.
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A base, station, or bound used in various games as the point or object which a team must reach in order to score points; in certain games, the point which the ball or puck must pass in order for points to be scored. In football, it is a line between two posts across which the ball must pass in order to score points; in soccer or ice hockey, it is a net at each end of the soccer field into which the soccer ball or hocjey puck must be propelled; in basketball, it is the basket{7} suspended from the backboard, through which the basketball must pass.
The act or instance of propelling the ball or puck into or through the goal{3}, thus scoring points; as, to score a goal.
One of the two gaps on either side of the table, where points are scores.
The ultimate point you want to reach in your career.
Final purpose or aim. The end of an action.
a conglomerate of a historical analysis, the capture of the present state and aims of the society, discussion between experts, users and representatives of specific groups
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The Goal is a novel based on a manager who optimises his bottlenecked production output so as maximise his profits. The book failed to win the Nobel prize for literature but nevertheless outsold most novels that did, and was written to promote the OPT planning system (qv). The Goal's existence is known to all management consultants, some of whom, with a knowing wink, may well suggest to clients that they have read it. The book is by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox and was published in 1984 by North River Press (see also The Race, 1986.)
Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s book that is widely considered to have introduced the Theory of Constraints.
a rigorously defined aspiration of a character, when a goal is completed the character gains mana, contrasted with Objectives
a definite objective - a definite purpose
an overall purpose for undertaking the project
Question stated to the Prolog engine. A goal is either an atom or a compound term. A goal succeeds, in which case the variables in the compound terms have a binding or fails if Prolog fails to prove the goal.
A subproblem that the Prolog system must try to satisfy.
A simple goal is a predicate call. When called, it will either succeed or fail. A compound goal is a formula consisting of simple goals connected by connectives such as “and” (`,') or “or” (`;'). A goal typed at the top-level is called a query.
The mark set to bound a race, and to or around which the constestants run, or from which they start to return to it again; the place at which a race or a journey is to end.
the place designated as the end (as of a race or journey); "a crowd assembled at the finish"; "he was nearly exhuasted as their destination came into view"
a desire that sends us on a journey using decisions to transport us to an unknown destination
An object or end that a person or community is working toward.
a hoped-for end result in a game, a problem, or a life
an end, a result, not just a task to be performed
a challenge to yourself
an interview you set for yourself
a purpose you set for yourself
In coaching, goals must meet the following criteria. They must be specific, measurable, time-based, realistic, within the coachee’s control, and include a plan of action. Clients set goals so they can take action to create what they want in their lives.
a specific, clearly defined, measurable state
a specific, measurable result you want to a
a binary feature used to distingush a wh-interrogative sentence requesting information given by a locative adverb of terminus ad quem ( whither), §13-1.
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a direction-setter
a final result produced by effort and investment which were intentionally directed towards that result
a mapping from a condition to a positive or negative reward value or priority
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One of the overleaves. The goal is a person's primary motivator. The seven goals are reevaluation, growth, discrimination, acceptance, submission, dominance, and flow.
a concrete and manageable blueprint for success
a formal beginning of success
a great way to keep inspired in your yearbook selling efforts because it makes it easy to measure progress and success
Term whose proof is attempted with depth-first searching, backtracking and unification.
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a forceful process rooted in the mind and driven by the ego
a function of mind
a specific believable objective set by the mind and accepted by the heart
an enemy to be conquered with a battle strategy and the commitment of a warrior
a fairly common thing
a Many Splendored Thing
a one-time thing
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Jail, where people are imprisoned.
the recording of 6 points, when any of the circumstances described in 12.1.1 occur.
a means, useful in limited circumstances, to assist a court in determining whether discrimination has been eradicated
a form of commitment in that you are promising to do something in the future
a future incidence or event that is consciously worked towards
a future incidence or event that is progressively worked towards
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a planned conflict with the status quo
a planned event
The foundation of a meeting. It explains why the meeting is being held and provides a road map for the planning process.
Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership
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a way of tracking when a website visitor does something you want - Buy an item, submit a contact form, or in our case click an adsense ad
a general expression of community values and, therefore, is abstract in nature
a kind of abstract idea that is superimposed on the real situation
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Everyone able to participate in music and experience their culture's folk and art music
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a clear-as- glass, "This is what I'm working toward
a calculation that a pleasure exists in reaching for a value
an attribute for which the system is trying to establish a value
The solution that the program is trying to reach.
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A query that is posed to a logic program. The final answer is Yes if the query returns some values and No if no values are returned.
a need of the moment
is a world state expressing the needs of a customer. Virtual enterprise stores this goal information within itself and this guarantees that the delivery consortium will fill the needs.
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a channel into which psychic energy flows
an attribute whose value we are interested in obtaining, by the backward and forward chaining process and the question sequence
Focus of agency resources that will support the overall mission of the organization.
(organization, not an acronym)
Summary can be configured to track which visits contain requests that you specify as being the Goal. This is configured with "Requests to count as Goal" on the Details configuration page. The number of visits which contain requests matching the pattern is tracked for each referring domain, search phrase, and search word.
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Synonym for concern.
the goal is a property that a protocol should satisfy (and for which we test). It is defined with respect to the session instances.
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a CLASSIC example of how simple the game is (or should be)
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A top-level task in the Outline.
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a rule without a head, as usual
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See Annual Goal.
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Generator Ordering And Loading
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a place to get to from where you are
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a state, not an activity