Definitions for "Maul"
Keywords:  hammer, mallet, leaden, wedges, beetle
A heavy wooden hammer or beetle.
To beat and bruise with a heavy stick or cudgel; to wound in a coarse manner.
mallet] A hammer-type weapon, with a heavy leaden head on a five-foot wooden shaft. (Seward, Desmond. Henry V: The Scourge of God, 223) Long handled mallet often carried by English longbowmen and used as both a weapon and a tool. (Wise, Terence. Medieval Warfare, 250)
Keywords:  ruck, scrum, tackle, runner, mess
When a runner has come into contact with opponents and cannot advance the ball further, players may bind themselves into a maul. There must be at least three players bound. The maul ends when the ball is on the ground; when the ball or the player who had been carrying it emerges from the maul; or when a scrum is ordered. A maul is similar to a ruck, except that the ball is not on the ground.
a technique in Union whereby the ball-carrier gets his teammates to bind onto him and drive him forward
A maul occurs when a player manages to stay on their feet when tackled, and the ball is held away from the opposition and is transferred with a handling movement to a support player.
Maul is the name of a comic book character from DC Comics/Wildstorm. Maul is a half human, half titanthrope (a subspecies of the Kherubim), biochemist from Earth. Some have argued that the Maul character is an imitation of the Hulk.
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To injure greatly; to do much harm to.
injure badly by beating
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a devil of a thing to stop