Definitions for "Auger"
Keywords:  bore, carpenter, drill, helical, gimlet
A carpenter's tool for boring holes larger than those bored by a gimlet. It has a handle placed crosswise by which it is turned with both hands. A pod auger is one with a straight channel or groove, like the half of a bean pod. A screw auger has a twisted blade, by the spiral groove of which the chips are discharge.
An instrument for boring or perforating soils or rocks, for determining the quality of soils, or the nature of the rocks or strata upon which they lie, and for obtaining water.
A hand or machine-operated tool with a screw-like shank for boring holes in soil.
a long flexible steel coil for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes
a flexible coiled wire which will pass through small diameter wastepipes to clear a blockage
Flexible metal cable used to clean out drains by fishing the cable into the drain and breaking up the clog. Hand and powered versions are available.
Keywords:  spoil, hex, torque, tube, flighted
A flighted drive tube having hex couplings at each end, to transmit torque to the cutting head and transfer spoil back to the machine.
a long tube on the side of the combine
Keywords:  wagon, bin, grain, move, device
A device to move grain from the wagon to the grain bin.
Conducting or semi-conducting materials. Can detect all elements except hydrogen.
Keywords:  shoulders, earth, meet, above, meaning
(v) To meet earth without meaning to, usually with the part of your body above the shoulders.