Definitions for "Carpenter"
Skilled craftsperson used in the uncrating, installation, dismantling, and recrating of exhibits and displays. Note: Individuals perform this type of labory with a variety of job titles throughout the world. Even in the US, titles vaery from city to city. Work that is done by a carpenter in one city may be done by a stagehand in another.
A skilled worker used to uncrate, install, dismantle, and recrate exhibit properties.
A trades person that has served a 4 year apprenticeship to journeyman, used in the installation of exhibits and displays in most cities.
A development and build environment for Ant scripts, including a source editor and a graphical editor
A worker who build or repairs wooden structures or their structural parts. In addition to other work on the East Span project, carpenters build frames for concrete work and other structures.
The warrant officer appointed to examine and keep in order the hull of a wooden ship, and all her appurtenances; to repair damage and replace masts, booms, etc.
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An artificer who works in timber; a framer and builder of houses, ships, etc.
The carpenter works on the construction of the sets. Production Carpenter is the title given to the one in charge of the backstage crew, even though he may not actually work with wood.
work as a carpenter
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Carpenter is a lunar impact crater that is located in the northern part of the Moon, relatively close to the limb. At this position the crater is forshortened and appears oval in shape. It is, however, very nearly circular in outline.
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