Definitions for "sleeper"
tropical fish that resembles a goby and rests quietly on the bottom in shallow water
a compartmentattached california driving job truck to the cab california driving in job truck where california driving in job truck the driver california driving job truck can rest while not driving
a compartmentattached duty medium truck used dump duty medium truck used to the cab where the driver can duty medium part truck used rest while not driving
A player that a franchise owner thinks other teams may not value highly, but is prime for a productive season and may be able to be drafted in later rounds.
Player who suddenly realises they had a winning bingo on a previous game
A lesser-known or formerly top player (not expected to perform or not known for performing at a high level) who a fantasy football team owner believes will have a standout season.
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One of the pieces of timber, stone, or iron, on or near the level of the ground, for the support of some superstructure, to steady framework, to keep in place the rails of a railway, etc.; a stringpiece.
One of the joists, or roughly shaped timbers, laid directly upon the ground, to receive the flooring of the ground story.
One of the knees which connect the transoms to the after timbers on the ship's quarter.
A stock that is trading at an unusually low valuation based on traditional measures such as price/earnings ratio.
An unusually underpriced specimen, a real treat to find but fairly rare. Knowledgeable collectors can spot sleepers from across the room, in the dark.
A coin which is undervalued or underpriced.
a spy or saboteur or terrorist planted in an enemy country who lives there as a law-abiding citizen until activated by a prearranged signal
a committed terrorist sent sometimes years in advance into a possible target location, where he may assume a new identity and lead an outwardly normal lifestyle, while waiting to spring into action to conduct or assist in a terrorist attack
Submerged rock or boulder just below the surface, usually marked by little or no surface disturbance.
A stock for which there is minimal investor interest but which has significant potential to gain in price once its value is widely appreciated. opposite of high flyer
Stock in which there is little investor interest but that has significant potential to gain in price once its attractions are recognized. Antithesis of high flyer.
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an unexpected achiever of success; "the winner was a true sleeper--no one expected him to get it"
an unexpected hit; "that movie was the sleeper of the summer"
Sleeper was a British Indie rock band in the 1990s which was fronted by Louise Wener and had several UK hits.
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A pin directly in back of another.
(also DOUBLE WOOD) When one pin is directly behind the other, such as the 1-5, 2-8 or 3-9.
a bet that has been left behind on the table while its owner has left the table behind in his rush to leave the game and, perhaps, the casino
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a rester who is sleeping
Sleeper was a comic book series written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips, published by DC Comics under their Wildstorm imprint. It concerned the travails of Holden Carver, a covert operative who has been placed undercover in a villainous organisation led by TAO, a Wild C.A.T.s villain from Alan Moore's run. Sleeper was set in the Wildstorm Universe.
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an underrated racehorse
a movie that is released with little publicity or pre-release buzz, often directed by and starring relatively unknown people, that eventually becomes popular (as a cult film) or financially successful beyond expectations, usually due to positive word-of-mouth; the term is sometimes used incorrectly to describe unpopular movies that the critics love Examples: Marty (1955), and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
a film, a really great film, which for some reason or the other is overlooked at the box office
a film that has potential to become a hit but is not
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Same as barmaid.
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a kind of baby clothing that is one piece from head to toe, often with zippers or snaps
This is a one piece item of clothing that zips or snaps up and covers baby from shoulders to toes. (Some come without the feet to allow baby room to grow)
A plain undecorated circle of metal or plastic worn to prevent a piercing closing. Using a sleeper carries a risk of damaging the piercing itself if the sharp edges of the join enter and damage the inside of the piercing.
A circular earring made from wire or hollow tube which can be open or closed. It is worn in pierced ears to prevent the hold in the earlobe from healing over.
A sleeper is a small hoop-earring made of gold that is used to keep the hole in a pierced ear open.
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A sleeping car.
a passenger car that has berths for sleeping
a car that doesn't look as fast as it really is
a zombie faking dead,whenever your character comes within range,it will bite your character so mash your controllers to struggle and this will result in decaping them
A winning ticket that is not presented for payoff.
A winning betting slip that has gone unclaimed.
Are first-class bedrooms for one or two passengers or bedrooms for two or three in second class. You'll pay from $40 to $100 on top of your ticket.
The Sleeper, or Throwdown is one of the most common yo-yo tricks. It is a required state before many other tricks can be performed. The essence of the trick is that the yo-yoer throws the yo-yo with a very pronounced wrist action so that when the yo-yo reaches the end of the string it spins in place rather than rolling back up the string to the thrower's hand.
A large fresh-water gobioid fish (Eleotris dormatrix).
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One who sleeps; a slumberer; hence, a drone, or lazy person.
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Stamp or other collectible item that seems to be under priced and may have good investment potential.
a card that is a mismatch in a good cribbage hand
an automobile that has any manner of modified engine , drivetrain , suspension , brakes or other parts, with the goal of improving its original performance, while still maintaining the outward appearance of a stock, factory equipped vehicle
Something lying in a reclining posture or position.
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Another name for SCREEDS.
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a piece of furniture that can be opened up into a bed
A sofa, loveseat, or chair that converts into a bed. Also available in some sectionals. Find a sleeper sofa.
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An animal that hibernates, as the bear.
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The lowest, or bottom, tier of casks.
a daemon process that is designed and implemented specifically for RSC
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That which lies dormant, as a law.
a person who has been programmed, using drugs, hypnosis and/or electronic methods, to carry out a specific mission
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See Dummy name.
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A one-piece sleeping suit for an infant or toddler that covers the feet.
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A nurse shark. See under Nurse.
a type of Thread that goes to sleep for a time specified in its constructor
A slow-selling product that is packed by a manufacturer with a higher volume item. Also known as a slow mover.
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see "Pillow Block" above