Definitions for "carousel"
same as merry-go-round.
(Music: Richard Rodgers Lyrics and Book: Oscar Hammerstein II.) London production opened at the Drury Lane Theatre on June 7 and ran for 566 performances.
a fun fair merry go round or a hit musical
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A grouping of slot machines.
The arrangement of the slot machines on the casino floor.
a group of slot machines.
A rotating or movable warehouse device used to store multiple, small parts for picking in a high usage volume environment.
A rotating system of layers of bins and/or drawers that can store many small items using relatively little floor space.
large mechanical apparatus with seats for children to ride on
a continuous belt oriented horizontally or near-horizontally around a central structure, driven in a circular motion by some mechanism, which carries luggage delivered from the luggage hold of an airplane to air travelers; -- used at airports.
Circular slide magazine; also refers to a 35mm slide projector using this type of magazine (Kodak trade name). See Projection.
Sits on top of 35mm Projectors to put slides in.
a performance of equestrians, similar to a quadrille
A mechanism for revolving for repetitive broadcast. Pages, like Teletext, are broadcast in sequence, repeatedly over a given period of time. Users request a page number and wait for it to be received. This technique is known as 'carouselling' and is usually used for the repetitive broadcast of static (i.e. text and picture) content.
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a huge chunk of art