Definitions for "Loader"
Keywords:  bucket, shovel, scoop, manure, tractor
A machine used by loggers to load cut timber onto log trucks for transport to their next destination, usually a mill.
A farm implement. This one fits on the tractor and lifts objects. It's the arms or handles of the loader bucket.
A specially designed piece of equipment for lifting logs or loading trucks.
A utility that loads the executable code of a program into memory for execution. On most microcomputers, the loader is an invisible part of the operating system and is automatically invoked when a program is run. Load Sharing - A method of managing one or more tasks, jobs, or processes by scheduling and simultaneously executing portions of them on two or more microprocessors.
The loader is a program which transfers the machine code and data from an executable image to the correct locations in the target system memory. Loading is the last step in the overall process of generating an executable program. A common loader is the "load" utility used in D-Bug12 to transfer an S-record from a PC to an HCS12 via the serial port. After the loader runs, the executable program now resides as machine code in the memory of the HCS12, and the program can be run on the HCS12 as desired.
Any program designed to load another program.
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One who, or that which, loads; a mechanical contrivance for loading, as a gun.
Usually a vertically mounted device holding balls and feeding them into the marker. These can be gravity fed, agitating, belt feed, sound operated, etc. The main point about loaders is that if the marker can fire faster than the loader can provide balls, and the marker does not have a ball sensing "eye" to keep the bolt from going forward before a ball has dropped, there is a great risk of chopping paint. LPR: Low pressure regulator. Method of operating guns at lower than what is considered the standard tank output pressure. Lube: Almost always referring to applying grease to the o-rings of a marker. If, after cleaning one's marker, it leaks air, or does not hold its pressure, the o-rings or seals need more, or better lube (or there is a missing, damaged, or mis-installed o-ring or seal...markers are not high-tech-rockets). Mag: Slang term usually used to refer to the Air Gun Designs.
an attendant who loads guns for someone shooting game
Slang for hopper feed tube.
A plastic or cardboard tube used to hold extra paintballs. Loaders are usually carried in a harness or buttpack during play.
Obsolete term (also "dealer loader) for a dealer premium given with specified product purchase. In disfavor because of obvious negative connotation. "Dealer premium" or dealer incentive" has replaced it.
see dealer loader and display loader.
A dealer who is careless and shows the hole card while dealing.
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This is the COR-O-VAN team member that places padding on your goods and then secures them in the van for transportation to the new location.
Keywords:  scrap, vehicle, moves
A vehicle that moves scrap.
an essential tool for quickly populating a game with people, artifacts, and scenery
Keywords:  unloads, laborer, port, vessels
a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port
Keywords:  lisp, facility, function, file, part
a facility that is part of Lisp and that loads file. See the function load.
Keywords:  target, panel, simple, front, runs
a simple VI that uses VI server to call the front panel of a target VI, and runs the VI
Keywords:  script, cards, device
a device used to load script on HU cards