Definitions for "FirmWare"
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(IEEE) The combination of a hardware device; e.g., an IC; and computer instructions and data that reside as read only software on that device. Such software cannot be modified by the computer during processing. See: embedded software.
hardware: Software that lives in chips, such as your Mac's ROM, and can't be changed. As the Mac has evolved, System files are instructed to ignore some portions of the firmware and substitute replacement code. The next generation of ROM chips contain the new code. Thus a great deal of compatibility is maintained.
Instructions and data that's programmed directly into Non Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM) to control RAID operation. This firmware is upgradable, but not changeable like software. Arena RAID firmware updates on our site.
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Subsoil] No description extant
FirmWare is a kind of content management system which takes care of such business-related stuff as managing conferencing rooms, vacation, daily tasks, email, file sharing via intranet etc.
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Generic Term for BIOS and CMOS
Firmware is the a collection of files that the psp uses to run.It is the PSP's Operating System (like Windows on a computer).
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FM Radio Frequency
Internal device drivers that are not modifiable by the general user.
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a user initiated process
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