Definitions for "SMP"
Symmetric Multiprocessor. A shared-memory model in which every processor is functionally identical and of equal status. Every processor has equal access to OS services such as interrupts or I/O. A Paragon MP node is not SMP, since only one processor can handle communication. SGI and Sequent computers are SMP architectures.
This refers to a technology where a computer uses multiple processors to process different instructions at the same time, in separate processing units. It is a form of parallel computing.
See Special Multi-Peril.
Sample or Samplevision Format or Ad Lib Gold Sample
Sample (file name extension)
Turtle Beach's SampleVision audio file format. Typically encountered as FILENAME.SMP.
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SMPs have been produced for the whole coastline of England and Wales with limits determined by natural physical processes to enable operating authorities to identify long-term sustainable policies for the coastal defence of the shoreline.  Sefton has two of the SMPs: - Liverpool Bay (Great Orme to Formby Point) and Ribble Estuary (Formby Point to the River Wyre).
Shoreline Management Plan
Supply Chain Management Partnership.
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The Sellafield MOX (manufacturing) Plant at Sellafield
Sellafield Mixed Oxide Fuel Plant
Statutory Maternity Pay
Maternity leave is governed by the Employment Rights Act 1996. All female employees who become pregnant are entitled to fourteen weeks maternity leave ("basic maternity leave") and thereafter return to the same job. Those with two years' continuous ser
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Customized packet used for individual book mailing. A machine inserts the book into corro, kraft, poly, and/or kraft/poly material, seals, imprints customer and postal indicias and applies Cheshire labels. to top
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Abbreviation for urface- ount ackage.
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Coaxial connectors/contacts that feature snap in vibration proof connection, suitable for high shock mobile applications and space level connector requirements of vibration, thermal shock and outgassing. Frequency range is DC-40 GHz with low VSWR and insertion loss (dB) parameters of 0.10 dB max.
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St Modwen Property
System Marginal Price. This is the price bid by a generator, when that generator is the last whose output is required to meet demand from the Pool.
the minute by minute price for electricity traded through the Power Pool of Alberta. This is determined by the price of the last unit dispatched by the System Controller at any instant in time. The Pool Price is the average of all 60 SMPs for an hour.
System Message Block protocol
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Standby monitor present.
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Acronym for ‘Surface Mine Permit’. This class of permits allows the surface mining of coal.
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Special Milk Program.
Specially Marked Package
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Significant Market Power