Definitions for "System Management"
Keywords:  caltrans, mtc, freeway, roving, tow
A coordinated series of programs involving MTC and partner agencies such as the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans to make the region’s existing transportation system work more efficiently. These efforts include congestion relief initiatives such as the roving Freeway Service Patrol tow trucks, and traveler information programs such as the toll-free 511 phone service and the Web page.
The process for managing and supporting the enterprise-wide technical architecture with primary emphasis on centrally managing distributed systems at geographically disbursed sites. Resources managed include the systems, databases, applications, networks, and internet components necessary to conduct the automated business functions of the state.
A suite of software facilities to manage NSP operation and workflow environment involving availability management, performance management and security management
System management is responsible for technical operation of the software in its intended infrastructure in production.