Definitions for "dmi "
DMI is a standard API for managing multiple client PCs from different vendors. With this API, the user can view the hardware information and warning status of each PC on the network. DMI collects the information via BIOS with DMI support.
Desktop Management Interface. A framework created by the DMTF.
Desktop Management Interface. An architecture specification defined by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) designed to give vendors and users a common vendor- and protocol-neutral framework to manage desktop systems, servers, peripherals, and components.
Dynamic Motion Interpolationâ„¢. This Extron video processing technique is an advanced motion prediction and compensation method that treats motion content and still content with different algorithms to yield high fidelity images.
Depleted Marine Invertebrates of concern to the Fisheries Service, DNR
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(Direct Method Invocation) A means of communicating between client applications and Java Card applets using object method calls. DMI is an application protocol built upon the standard smart card APDU communication data structures for transporting commands to card ( method calls) and responses from card (method result).
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Directional Movement Indicator. An indicator that plots a positive +DI line measuring buying pressure and a negative -DI line measuring selling pressure. The DMI pattern is bullish as long as the +DI line is above the -DI line. The Average Directional Index line (ADX) is derived from this system and is based on the spread between the +DI and -DI lines.
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dmi is a Web photo album/image gallery written in PHP. The main difference between dmi and other similar scripts is that it requires little to no setup time. Just drop it in a directory containing image and/or video files, and adjust permissions. It also makes thumbnails of MPEG movies as animated GIF files.
Danish Meteorological Institute
Directorate of Military Intelligence
DIRECTIONAL MOVEMENT INDEX. A trend-following designed to determine whether a security is in a trending or non-trending market. Chart Keys: Period: 10 DIRECTOR — Person elected by shareholders to serve on the Board of Directors. The directors appoint the president, vice presidents, and all other operating officers. Directors decide, among other matters, if and when dividends shall be paid.
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Dry Matter Intake - This is the estimate amount of forage an animal will eat when only forage is fed.
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Data Mode Idle
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A system that allows computers to send distress signals to a main system on a network. It is a means to detect problems before they crash the computer...
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DMI is an initialism for