Definitions for "LMF "
License Management Facility. The part of the Digital UNIX operating system that enables the online management of software license data and helps prevent accidental unlicensed use of software.
See License Management Facility (LMF).
License Management Facility. HP's software utility program for OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX software which enables the customer to keep software license records and to monitor and control software usage.
Ladle Metallurgy Furnace. An intermediate steel processing unit that further refines the chemistry and temperature of molten steel while it is still in the ladle. The ladle metallurgy step comes after the steel is melted and refined in the electric arc or basic oxygen furnace, but before the steel is sent to the continuous caster.
Lack of Moral Fibre. Unwillingness or inability to go into class. I say, Cicely, I hope you're not suffering from LMF.
LIFFE Market Feed. An integrated data feed which provides direct access to Euronext.liffe's real- time price data. It contains a comprehensive range of data on all LIFFE Market products, including quotes, trades, volumes, closing/settlement prices, contract details, introduction of new series and open interest.
LMF is a flexible log monitoring framework that allows the user to match text from log files using Perl regular expressions and capturing parentheses. An optional external command will be executed when a user-specified number of matches is found within a user-specified period.