Definitions for "GPL"
GNU General Public Licence. Much copyrighted free software, including GNU/Linux, is available under this licence. The general intention is to ensure that such software remains freely available for anyone to use and/or modify.
(pronounced "G-P-L") Acronym for " General Public License".
eneral ublic icense , the license that accompanies some open source software that details how the software and its accompany source code can be freely copied, distributed and modified. The most widespread use of GPL is in reference to the GNU GPL, which is commonly abbreviated simply as GPL when it is understood that the term refers to the GNU GPL. One of the basic tenets of the GPL is that anyone who acquires the material must make it available to anyone else under the same licensing agreement. The GPL does not cover activities other than the copying, distributing and modifying of the source code. A GPL is also referred to as a copyleft , in contrast to a copyright that identifies the proprietary rights of material.
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Gaz de Pé trole Liqué fié
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Glow Plug Light Output; The PCM controls the "Wait to start" light independently from the GPC output; 1 to 10 seconds depending on EOT and BARO. PID: GPL.
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Gangavaram Port Limited
Global Package Link. International package delivery service and state-of-the-art information system for volume mailers sending merchandise to participating overseas markets.
Graded/Graduated Premium Life. A whole life policy with guaranteed annual increases in premium. Usually, the initial premium is at a very low level and increases annually by an equal amount over a 15 to 20 year period. Thereafter it remains level.
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Glass Polarized Lenses