Definitions for "PCM"
A digital technique that involves sampling an analog signal at regular intervals and coding the measured amplitude into a series of binary values, which are transmitted by modulation of a pulsed, or intermittent, carrier. It is the standard modulation technique used in telecommunications transmission. See modulation.
Phase contrast microscopy. An optical microscope method, which does not distinguish fiber types, used in conjunction with asbestos air sampling to count the number of fibers present.
ulse ode odulation; a communication technique where the information to be sent is converted into binary numbers which are then transmitted on the signal.
A category of systems that enroll or assign patients to interventions across the continuum of health and illness. These include wellness exams and routine screenings, utilization reviews, event focus, short-term case management, and the management of long-term chronic conditions.
Polygonal Contact Model
Polarizable Continuum Model of solvation.
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Parallel Cache Management
Project Cycle Management
That portion of the Connection Management (CMT) within the Station Management (SMT) function of an FDDI station that manages the physical connect between adjacent PHYs. This includes the signaling of the connection type, link confidence testing, and the enforcement of connection rules.
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A high quality sound system - usually stereo) used in some Hi8 camcorders and edit VCRs which can be post dubbed.
Sound File or OKI MSM6376 Synth Chip PCM Format
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Public Chat Mickey - the default user channel for players on USWest.
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Peak EQ
PDP Peak demand
LaserJet cartridge information
Procedures Control Manual
Pressure Control Manifold. Device used to control line pressure ( 0301)
Process Control Monitor
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Phased contrast microscopy.
A hardware vendor whose products are direct replacements for the products of another computer system manufacturer. Initially PCMs provided peripherals that were "plug-for-plug" compatible with IBM peripherals, but the PCM industry has since grown to include IBM-compatible mainframes, and the systems and peripherals of other vendors.
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Rental figure “pcm” – per calendar month.
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Tape drive used for old ER-2 data system
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