Definitions for "Treatment Plan"
A radiation oncologistâ€(tm)s prescription describing how a patient should be treated with radiation therapy. The radiation oncology team uses sophisticated treatment planning software to maximize radiation to the tumor while sparing healthy tissue.
a detailed description of the procedures that the dentist plans to perform and includes an estimate for the charges for each service
a detailed written description of the proposed treatment and a breakdown of the estimated cost
An outline of the clinical steps which are to be followed in restoring a mouth to health and function
The strategic and individualized therapeutic approach to addressing and alleviating the symptoms of a mental illness. Treatment plans often involve mental health professionals, physicians, family members, therapies, medications, etc.
a written plan detailing the medical regimen as ordered by the physician, including periodic monitoring for adverse reactions and other follow-up care
a list of items that may need to be addressed whether serious or strictly indulgent
a list of the treatments and other services which we think will be best to help you
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a suggested solution for each problem
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The specific course of action to be taken to help a person achieve treatment goals, move to the least restrictive environment possible, and improve the quality of his/her life.
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an agreement between you and your doctor