Definitions for "Care plan"
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A plan for the provision of services to an individual or family. Ideally the plan should be made following an assessment at a case conference or review and involve users, carers and their families as well as other professionals who may be contributing to the plan.
A written plan for your care. It tells what services you will get to reach and keep your best physical, mental, and social well being. Back to the Top
Written plan for health care.
The detailed formulation of a program of action that addresses a consumer needs.
an action guide to meeting our clients needs so that they maintain as healthy and independent a lifestyle as possible
a way of organising help to meet your particular needs
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a revolving tool
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a set of instructions to the staff which tells them how the individual concerned would wish to live their life and how they will be supported to do so by the staff and yourself if you so wish
a dynamic document that comprises a statement of the resident's problems determined during assessment, with the addition of resident-centred goals, together with strategies, interventions or actions intended to help the resident achieve or maintain those goals.