Definitions for "Episode of care"
a group of diagnoses on the same patient that describes the course of a given illness
The period when a service user enters the care of the Trust to when they are discharged from all services provided by the Trust. This care could be, for example a combination of care provided by inpatient stays, outpatient attendances, a CPN, or use of services from an OT and a day hospital.
A term used to describe and measure the various health care services and encounters rendered in connection with identified injury or period of illness.
Treatment rendered in a defined time frame for a specific disease. Episodes provide a useful basis for analyzing quality, cost and utilization patterns.
a phase of treatment
All treatments provided for a specific condition over a period of time (e.g., an episode of substance abuse treatment is all services provided to a patient after a detoxification admission with a gap between services lasting longer than 90 days); used to analyze service costs, quality, and utilization patterns, and may be used to control the rate of payment.