Definitions for "Provider"
One who provides, furnishes, or supplies; one who procures what is wanted.
The licensed doctor, nurse practitioner,hospital, laboratory, or other professional who provides medical care to you. Also called health care practitioner.
entity providing care. Typically, a doctor but could be other practitioners or facilities.
(educational) Institution or organisation providing educational courses.
an individual or organisation supplying education and/or training and/or assessment services; includes schools, polytechnics, colleges of education, private training establishment government training establishment s, wananga and workplaces.
a higher education provider (ECU).
an extension of a CIM schema that communicates with managed objects and accesses data and event notifications from a variety of sources
an object responsible or loading and managing instances of a given type
COM server that communicates with managed objects to access data and event notifications from a variety of sources, such as the system registry or an SNMP device. Providers forward this information to the CIM Object Manager for integration and interpretation.
a component that exposes an OLE DB interface
a component which implements a particular application programming interface (API) used by ASP
A COM object that implements the OLE DB interfaces and methods. See data provider and service component.
an entity that agrees to pay for the Advanced Micro Computer Specialists, Inc
an entity that agrees to pay for the AllYearMovers
an entity that agrees to pay for the eSignal services being provided to you
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r Provider, r Anbieter
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The Provider Guardian is one of the 16 role variants the Keirsey Temperament Sorter is based on. David Keirsey originally described the Provider role variant; however, the personality descriptions of Isabel Myers contributed to its development. Providers correlate with the ESFJ Myers-Briggs type.
a company from which you are using its network to communicate
a company that owns and operates satellites in geostationary orbit around the earth
A definition used to describe a company, which offers products to the public or other firms.
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A person or company that establishes web sites for other individuals or companies. EXAMPLE: WebbSite, Inc.
Companies with an Internet gateway that they share with many companies and individuals, often for a fee.
An individual who successfully completes an AHA Provider course in ACLS, BLS or PALS.
A player who makes the game profitable for the other players at the table; a nicer term for a fish.
A provider (or Fish) is a poker player who makes the game profitable for the other players at the table.
A provider is a poker player who makes the game profitable for the other players at the table. Similar in meaning to fish, although provider has a somehow less negative connotation. They might be a decent players who happen to be playing out of his/her league. A fish is usually someone who's probably out of any league.
a unique individual dentist (preferred providers, general dentists, specialty providers, practicing providers).
The dentist who renders treatment to the patient.
Any medical-related organization that does business with the state of Ohio.
The organisation which is responsible for establishing and managing the WARP and for its governance.
A formal caregiver who is a member of an organization and accountable to defined norms of conduct and practice. They may be professionals, support workers, or volunteers.
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A bank, building society, insurance company or specialist that offer ISA's to the public.
the sponsor that plans and/or delivers a program. Decisions about "approved" providers will be made by the Certification Specialist at ODL with input from the Certification Board.
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(see HEP)
Refers to the relevant provider of entitlement depending on whether the case is work or non-work related (WCB, SunLife or National Life).
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Company offering internet access.
a company or system that helps you get connected to the internet , and provides a way for your computer to get web pages etc
A company that provides Internet access to its customers. The customer's modem dials a phone number at the provider's location to make the connection. If the provider's number is a local call, there is no further hourly charge. The provider's fee is usually a flat monthly rate.
The component that allows a computer running Windows NT to communicate with the network. Windows NT includes a provider for the Windows NT-based network; other providers are supplied by the alternate networks? vendors.
A company that provides reach to the vendor as part of the channel. For legal reasons, some vendors prefer the term provider rather than partner. Also known as partners, members and middlemen.
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someone who provides the means for subsistence
A provider is a source of research content typically accessed through an external URL or internal server address. A provider may offer one or more research services.
a source of research and reference content typically accessed via an external URL or internal server address
Set of content--content areas, pages, applications, even data from outside sources--brought together in one central location and accessed through a common interface, called a page.
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an area resident who provides a pre-produced tape to PATV
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A sucker who looses his money.
A wealthy private party buying guarantees from the issuing banks, reselling them through banks/brokers. Other designation: commitment holder.
(see Originator ) Remote Dictation - providing for the ability to dictated report at a location which is not connected to the local system utilizing a facility's PBX and local area network. Historically, access to the dictation system has been via the telephone system.
A web provider is the brand name for a site supplying content information. In this study, the sites our subjects chose are considered by them to be news providers.
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an module (DLL/EXE) doing something worth logging
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Provider of the catalog.
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An institution (body or person) in Australia providing or seeking to provide courses to international students
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See ISP.
a component of Array Manager that provides storage management functions for a hardware device or software component
a container for a group of related components
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A technical support staff member.
The primary contact (manufacturer) for the information on the array design
an object that others can build dependencies on
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see resource providers.