Definitions for "Funding"
transferring monies to an account, so that they are available when needed for payments.
Monies are disbursed from a lender to the title company or attorney to fund a loan.
The disbursement of loan funds, either by check or by wire transfer to the title company.
Refinancing a debt on or before its maturity. Putting money into investments or another type of reserve fund, to provide for future pension or welfare plans. To provide funds for a project.
Financing, providing funds. see also equity funding, grant, refunding.
Used to describe the refinancing of a debt prior to its maturity (the same as refunding). In corporate finance refers to the floating of bonds to raise finance and levels of capital. See also: refunding.
The raising of money to launch or expand a business.
Advancing money (based on the advance rate) to a c... more
The providing of money for payment of claims incurred under a self-funded plan.
Occurs when monetary proceeds for a merchant's eCheck.Net® transactions are deposited to the merchant's bank account.
Occurs when monetary proceeds for a merchant's Electronic Check transactions are deposited to the merchant's bank account.
Refers to the payment to a merchant for his submitted deposits.
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Providing a fund for the payment of the interest or principal of a debt.
Payments made by the factor to its clients.
The payment made by an investor to a client in exchange for title to the debt owed to the client. In factoring it refers specifically to the advance payment on the invoice.
Funding is the transfer by the owner of property by deed or assignment to the Trustee to hold in trust.
The process of transferring assets to your living trust.
The act of transferring the title to assets into the name of the trustee from the name of the grantor.
a premier cash flow specialist who works with private individuals to liquidate their cash flows
A term used to describe the process of escrow notifying the lender to release funds for the loan; i.e., the loan has "funded".
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a violation of federal law
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The final step in transferring ownership of a property from seller to buyer. This occurs within several days after closing.
The process of paying the manufacturer of the equipment for the equipment being placed on lease.
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a Mortgage Broker
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Investing in the public funds.