Definitions for "account statement"
A record of transactions and their effect on account balances over a specified...
The Account Statement is the FMEP record of the financial transactions related to the maintenance order or agreement for a specific period. FMEP clients may request a copy of their Account Statement - either the complete record, or just a part of it (the past three to six months, for example, or the last year or two) - at any time. Similar to a credit card or bank statement, the account statement shows what, according to our records, has been paid and when, as well as what - if anything - is now owed. It displays information about the payments that were made to the FMEP and it shows the: date the payment was received, and; type of payment received - for example, an electronic payment or payment from the Federal Government.
a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance; "they send me an accounting every month"
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Extract of the account. Contains data on the lead operations and the client account situation in the broker's book for a chosen period.
An extract under the bill. Contains data on the spent operations and a status of the client bill at the broker for the chosen period.
A summary of an account's activity.
In the context of banking, refers to a summary of ...
Public documentation informing the unit holders of a fund of their subscription and redemption movements in the fund.
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Accountant's Opinion Accounting Earnings Accounting exposure
A record of account activity over a specific period of time.
a document that provides information about a specified account for a given period of time