Definitions for "Provides"
Keywords:  assay, serum, igg, rapid, bovine
a rapid, specific and competitive type assay for Albumin in Bovine serum
a rapid, specific and sensitive assay for Adiponectin in human serum or other biological fluids
a rapid, specific and sensitive assay for Albumin in Bovine plasma or serum
an The footbed of your it resists shoes use the liner to your shins before The molded shock absorption
offers or furnishes rights or opportunities The legislation provides no remedy for psychiatric harm to third parties, however severe their distress or grief may be. provision (n)
Keywords:  strict, suit, bringing, limit, time
a strict time limit for bringing suit
a mechanism for detecting interrupts
a standard for partnership and intelligence sharing
a comprehensive risk management program
a reliable, objective means for determining individual
Keywords:  step
a step up from TA
Keywords:  competitive, non, totally, service
a totally non-competitive service
Keywords:  better, sense, trade, way, legal
a means for that two-way trade to become better in the legal sense