Definitions for "Antigens"
Substances that cause an immune response in the body. The body "sees" the antigens as harmful or foreign. To fight them, the body produces antibodies, which attack and try to eliminate the antigens.
substances that activate the immune system. Any substances that as a result of coming into contact with appropriate cells, induces a state of sensitivity and/or immune responsiveness after a latent period, and which results in a demonstrable way with antibodies with antibodies and/or immune cells of the sensitized subject.
substances that provoke an immune response in the body. The body produces antibodies to fight antigens, or harmful substances, to try to eliminate them.
Fungus Pathogen
Glycoproteins Pulmonary
Glycoproteins Pathogen
Keywords:  glossitis, plasminogen
Glossitis Plasminogen
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Hepatocyte Phosphorylation
Keywords:  heparin
Keywords:  penicillamine, fibrosis
Fibrosis Penicillamine
Keywords:  ganciclovir, plasmids
Ganciclovir Plasmids
Keywords:  haemophilus, rape
Haemophilus Rape
Keywords:  radiologist, interferon
Interferon Radiologist
Keywords:  hematology, polypeptide
Hematology Polypeptide
Keywords:  oncology, granulocyte
Granulocyte Oncology
Keywords:  scabies, ingestion
Ingestion Scabies
Keywords:  hyperthermia, potassium
Hyperthermia Potassium
Keywords:  gynecology, receptor
Gynecology Receptor
Keywords:  pneumonia, homologous
Homologous Pneumonia
Keywords:  peptide, grading
Grading Peptide
Keywords:  hepatic
Immunodeficiency Prostate
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See Antigen.