Definitions for "Immunosuppressive"
Being capable of inhibiting immune responses.
a medication such as azathioprine that suppresses the immune system
a drug that reduces the body's resistance to infection and other foreign bodies by suppressing the immune system.
a class of medications that decrease the activity of a person's immune system
a medication such as Cytoxan or Imuran ,
a compound that weakens the activity of the immune system
Relating to the weakening or reducing of your immune system's responses to foreign material; immunosuppressive drugs reduce your immune system's ability to reject a transplanted organ.
of or relating to a substance that lowers the body's normal immune response and induces immunosuppression
capable of disabling the body's ability to protect against infection or disease.
Lowering the body's ability to fight infection.
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Affects the immune cells of the recipient (person who gets the new kidney) so they will not attack the new kidney.
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A drug that reduces the body's natural immunity.