Definitions for "Antibody"
Any of various bodies or substances in the blood which act in antagonism to harmful foreign bodies, as toxins or the bacteria producing the toxins. Normal blood serum apparently contains various antibodies, and the introduction of toxins or of foreign cells also stimulates production of their specific antibodies by the immune system.
more narrowly, any of the immunoglobulins present in the blood serum or other body fluids of an animal, which reacts with a specific antigenic substance, whether the antibody was produced as a consequence of the stimulus provided by the antigen, or was pre-existing prior to exposure of the organism to the antigen.
a protein in the blood that is produced by certain white blood cells; develops primarily in response to foreign antigens; important for immunity against certain germs.
Fibrosis Phototherapy
Genitourinary Phototherapy
Fibrosis Preclinical
Gout Prednisone
Hepatitis Prednisone
Gout Prophylaxis
Hematology Psychosomatic
Hematology Potassium
Gonadal Predisposition
Hormones Predisposition
Keywords:  protease, hypothermia, gels
Gels Protease
Hypothermia Protease
Keywords:  geotrichosis
Hematopoiesis Norfloxacin
Immunohistochemistry Rhinovirus
Keywords:  phosphorylase
Keywords:  hemoptysis, pneumonitis
Hemoptysis Pneumonitis
Haematological Phagocytosis
Glomerulonephritis Postnatal
Keywords:  pilocarpine, ginseng
Ginseng Pilocarpine
Keywords:  inoperable
Keywords:  plasminogen, exogenous
Exogenous Plasminogen
Keywords:  pleurodesis, hyperplasia
Hyperplasia Pleurodesis
Keywords:  preoperative, flexion
Flexion Preoperative
Keywords:  hepatocyte, precancerous
Hepatocyte Precancerous
Keywords:  prednisolone, interphase
Interphase Prednisolone
Haplotypes Pharmacologic
Keywords:  psychiatry
Ifosfamide Progressive
Haematuria Progressive
Habitual Radioactivity
Hyperbaric Radioactivity
Keywords:  fluconazole, paralysis
Fluconazole Paralysis
Keywords:  immunosuppressant
Keywords:  plasmids
Keywords:  hypertrophy, polypeptide
Hypertrophy Polypeptide
Keywords:  hernia, pathologic
Hernia Pathologic
Keywords:  gliosis, posterior
Gliosis Posterior
Keywords:  gluten, pancreatitis
Gluten Pancreatitis
Keywords:  peptic, oncologist, grade
Grade Peptic
Grade Oncologist
Hypertension Postoperative
Keywords:  idiopathic, psychology
Idiopathic Psychology
Glucose Particle
Fatal Particle
Glucose Phenylbutyrate
Keywords:  hepatocellular, receptor
Hepatocellular Receptor
Keywords:  pneumonia
Keywords:  phentermine, flushing
Flushing Phentermine
Hepatomegaly Pigmentation
Keywords:  sporadic, inhalation
Inhalation Sporadic
Keywords:  prenatal
Keywords:  glucans, proxy
Glucans Proxy
Keywords:  pyrethrins, intestinal
Intestinal Pyrethrins
Extremity Postmenopausal
Keywords:  histology, prostate, genital
Genital Prostate
Histology Prostate
Keywords:  gastrointestinal
Keywords:  prevalence
Keywords:  psoriasis, hybridization
Hybridization Psoriasis
Keywords:  groin, reactivation
Groin Reactivation
Keywords:  biology
Keywords:  duodenum, parasitic
Duodenum Parasitic
Keywords:  everyone
against everyone
In infertility, a compound in the blood, mucus or semen which interferes with normal sperm function.
Keywords:  pathogen, fats
Fats Pathogen
Keywords:  fertility, entry, click, full
An Click for full entry Fertility
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