Definitions for "Particle"
A subordinate word that is never inflected (a preposition, conjunction, interjection); or a word that can not be used except in compositions; as, ward in backward, ly in lovely.
an adverb or preposition which combines with verbs to form phrasal verbs.
A unit of speech that is ranked as an uninflected word but expresses some kind of syntactical relationship or some general aspect of meaning. Some grammarians classify all conjunctions, prepositions, and negatives as particles.
An elementary particle.
A tiny mass of material. Airborne particles, material that exist in the atmosphere as a solid or liquid, can be natural, caused by stirring of soil dusts, or anthropogenic. They vary in size from coarse (diameter 3 µm) to fine ( 3µm) . Sometimes inhalable or respirable is used to describe those particles ( 2 µm) which can be inhaled through the nose and enter the lungs.
An aggregation of sufficiently many atoms or molecules that it can be assigned macroscopic properties such as volume, density, pressure, and temperature. But sometimes by particle, without qualification, is meant a subatomic particle such as the proton or neutron (which themselves are composed of other "elementary particles") or the electron. See also particles.
A minute part or portion of matter; a morsel; a little bit; an atom; a jot; as, a particle of sand, of wood, of dust.
Any very small portion or part; the smallest portion; as, he has not a particle of patriotism or virtue.
A small piece of matter. See also: anti-particle
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Particle is a jam band formed in Los Angeles in 2000. The original members were Dave Simmons (guitar), Steve Molitz (keyboard), Eric Gould (bass), and Darren Pujalet (drums). Simmons died shortly after the formation of the band due to a sudden illness.
a little object in space which is emitted by its parent system
a point in space relative to other points in space, and other space
In Aladdin 4D, an object emitted from a fountain. One particle by itself is pretty dull, but dozens or hundreds together can create fireworks, water fountains or other interesting effects.
A crumb or little piece of consecrated host.
(nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything
A minute portion, piece, or amount.
In dynamics, a point displayed as a dot, streak, sphere, blobby surface, or other effect. You can animate the display and movement of particles with various techniques (for example, keys, expressions, and fields such as gravity).
a term in the grammar for element content, consisting of either an element declaration, a wildcard or a model group, together with occurrence constraints
The smaller hosts distributed in the communion of the laity.
a minimal Ergosystem in the sense that it does not contain any other Ergosystem as a part
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an energy packet