Definitions for "Meson"
Keywords:  quark, antiquark, hadron, pion, boson
An elementary particle made up of two quarks; a hadron having a baryon number of zero; any hadron other than a baryon. Mesons are bosons with integral values of spin, having a mass intermediate between those of the electron and a nucleon; they may have positive or negative charges, or may be neutral. Mesons are of three types: the pion (p-meson), kaon (K-mesons), and e-mesons.
A family of particles that are made up of a quark and an anti-quark bound by gluons. They are all bosons and carry the residual strong force, which keeps baryons (especially the proton and neutron) together. See also: boson, quark, gluon, strong force, Debriefing, Journey - Meson
hadron composed of a quark and an anti-quark.
The mesial plane dividing the body of an animal into similar right and left halves. The line in which it meets the dorsal surface has been called the dorsimeson, and the corresponding ventral edge the ventrimeson.
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