Definitions for "Supersymmetry"
A hypothetical symmetry relating particles of different spins. Under this symmetry, matter particles (spin one-half fermions) are related to force particles (spin-zero or spin-one bosons).
A mathematical theory which suggests that, for every known type of particle, there should be a heavier 'supersymmetric partner', with identical internal properties, but different spin. Hypothetical as yet, the counterparts to the bosons are fermions with names ending in 'ino' (for example, chargino, photino, gluino) and those of the leptons and quarks are bosons whose names have an initial 's' (selectrons, squarks).
a symmetry principle that relates the properties of particles with a whole number amount of spin (bosons) to those with half a whole (odd) number of spin (fermions).
a particular kind of superalgebra where some of the even generators can be identified with spacetime translations