Definitions for "Proton"
A proton is a positively charged subatomic particle. Its mass is mp = 1.6726x10-24 g. Protons are principal components of the atomic nucleus
A smart card applications designer and system integrator, utilizing an electronic purse system.
Elementary particle of positive charge, which forms the nucleus of the ordinary hydrogen atom of mass.
Proton Holdings Berhad is short for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Malay for National Automobile Enterprise), is Malaysia's first car manufacturer initiated in 1983 by then-Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Proton is listed on the Bursa Malaysia.
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Proton is a Greek based retail chain of independent retailers (primarily grocery shops) operating as a brand and buying group (or ‘symbol group’). All stores are independently owned. The parent company (ELETA LTD) is communally owned with each retailer owning a share.
Soviet D-class heavy launch vehicle (used for Statsionar flights).
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Proton Pump Protonema DIAGRAM: PHOTO: Mosses / Mosses
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an energy packet
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a type of high-energy radiation that is different from an x-ray
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a very social place