Definitions for "NUCLEUS"
A kernel; hence, a central mass or point about which matter is gathered, or to which accretion is made; the central or material portion; -- used both literally and figuratively.
The body or the head of a comet.
An incipient ovule of soft cellular tissue.
is inserted into a pearl-producing oyster to speed up the pearl growing process. The nuclei act as the irritant upon which nacre is deposited, and are usually made from the shell of North American freshwater mussels.
the center around which things are formed.Ý Beads made from the shell of freshwater mussels are used as the center around which oysters lay nacre to form a cultured pearl
Usually, a small rounded piece of shell from an American freshwater mussel. For freshwater pearl cultivation, the nucleus usually is a shaped piece of mantle from another freshwater mussel.
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The solid chunk of ice and dust in the head of a comet.
The actual solid body of a comet. The nucleus is rarely visible when the comet is in the inner solar system because of the coma. It has been referred to as a "dirty snowball" because it is believed to be composed of about 75 percent of various ices and about 25 percent of various dusts. A photo of the nucleus of Halley's comet by the Giotto probe revealed the nucleus as an asteroidal-looking body. Most comet's have a nucleus that measures only a few kilometers across.
(astronomy) the center of the head of a comet; consists of small solid particles of ice and frozen gas that vaporizes on approaching the sun to form the coma and tail
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a small colony of four to six combs, with a fertile queen, workers, possibly some drones, and some brood and, stores
a hive of bees which consists of fewer frames than a typical hive and may be smaller in size. A nucleus usually consists of two to five frames of comb and used primarily for starting new colonies or rearing or storing queens; also called and commonly referred to a nuc.
a small hive of bees, usually covering from two to five frames of comb and used primarily for starting new colonies, rear ing or storing queens; also called "nuc."
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Nucleus were a pioneering jazz-rock band from Britain who continued in different incarnations from 1969-85. In their first year they won first prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival, released their first album (Elastic Rock), and performed both at the Newport Jazz Festival and the Village Gate jazz club.
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The tip, or earliest part, of a univalve or bivalve shell.
That part of IDMS-CV that is resident in main storage.
the center or most important point of an object
(nucleus pulposus): soft gel-like center of an intervertebral disc.
The soft center of a spinal disk.
a working group of SMEs in a business chamber / as-sociation
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The gel-like centre of a disc.
The centre of a syllable.
a full-service creative studio that specializes in developing and licensing medical illus More
Nucleus is a registered trademark of Cochlear Limited, and the brand name used for Cochlearâ€(tm)s systems of cochlear implants.
The interior reference point of a logical node in the PNNI complex node representation.
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Based on the PHP-Nuke project, this project intends to take it further.
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a mass of gray matter found deep in the brain
A term used in reporting test results to mean that the substance being tested cannot be detected by the equipment or method being used for this particular test.
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an ordered structure of a certain size
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see nucleus.