Definitions for "Cytoplasm"
The substance of the body of a cell, as distinguished from the karyoplasma, or substance of the nucleus.
This the portion of the cell within the membrane and outside of the nucleus. In it is housed the majority of energy, enzyme, and protein production.
a part of the cell. The cytoplasm is the part which lies outside the nucleus.
Thyroxine Necrosis Topical
Monocytes Thyroxine
Thyroxine Ophthalmoplegia
Neural Tolerance Niacin Toxic
Niacin Thermoregulation
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Myopathy Trachea
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Invalidate Subclinical
Keywords:  myasthenia, substrate, mental
Myasthenia Substrate
Mental Substrate
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Mucocutaneous Topical
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Nasal Tryptophan
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Lumbar Somatic Species
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the granular portion in the middle of each egg.