Definitions for "Conch"
A name applied to various marine univalve shells; esp. to those of the genus Strombus, which are of large size. Strombus gigas is the large pink West Indian conch. The large king, queen, and cameo conchs are of the genus Cassis. See Cameo and cameo conch.
In works of art, the shell used by Tritons as a trumpet.
shell-shaped hat made from gauze or crepe and mounted on a tin frame.
One of the white natives of the Bahama Islands or one of their descendants in the Florida Keys; -- so called from the commonness of the conch there, or because they use it for food.
These edible marine snails are a beloved part of the cuisine as far north as the Bahamas and Florida. Conch is the second best known edible snail, the first being escargot from Burgundy, France. Conch has been a popular food source throughout the Caribbean since the time of the Arawak Indians, before Christopher Columbus. Conch is still a delicacy in most Caribbean countries where it is used in soups and salads.
Until recently fresh conch has not been readily available. Thanks to some conch farming in the Caribbean this situation is changing. It is usually best to tenderize the meat with a mallet, which results in cracked conch or by grinding it. If you are using frozen conch, keep it covered while you defrost it slowly to retain its flavor.
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See Stombus Giga Conch pearls
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See Concha, n.